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Thanks for your support during our Radiothon for Hurricane and Earthquake Relief. Your listening (and telling your friends) helped us raise thousands to donate to relief efforts.

But the recovery will be a long process, and these fine organizations can still use your help. Please see the charities below, and if you're able, choose one or more and make your own donation.

We're looking forward to doing more, beginning later this year, with the AccuRadio Season of Sharing. Thanks again.

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These organizations can still use your support

Cajun Relief Foundation
The Cajun Relief Foundation, also known as the Cajun Navy, has spent the last year helping to rebuild Louisiana. Now they're helping restore Texas and working with Florida to respond to Irma. Volunteers rescue people trapped by flooding, coordinate dispatch, and deliver supplies. Find out more and make a donation.
Direct Relief
Direct Relief is responding to victims of earthquakes in Mexico, as well as communities affected by hurricanes in the Caribbean and Florida. Find out more and make a donation for Mexico relief.
Doctors Without Borders
In response to the earthquakes that struck Mexico in September, Doctors Without Borders/Médecins Sans Frontières has deployed psychosocial teams in Mexico City and has sent mobile teams to remote areas to provide medical and psychological care. Find out more and make a donation.
Feeding South Florida
Feeding South Florida helps ensure that food, water and other disaster supplies are staged pre-storm to support shelters. We then mobilize quickly post-storm, rapidly deploying resources where they are most needed. Our state network has 160+ commercial trucks, and 20+ warehouses with more than 500,000 square feet of storage for critical supplies. Find out more and make a donation.
Habitat for Humanity
Recent studies show as little as 5 to 10 percent of disaster response funding goes for reconstruction and recovery. With more than 100,000 homes damaged or destroyed by Harvey, Irma and Maria, resources are needed to help those who have lost so much. Find out more and make a donation.
Hurricane Pets Rescue Inc.
HPR's mission is simple, is to rescue, assist, re-home and rehabilitate animals and people alike when Mother Nature strikes, such as a hurricane. We work towards disaster relief preparedness, disaster relief rescue and education for NO animal to be left behind when Mother Nature or man-made disaster strikes. Find out more and make a donation.
International Fund for Animal Welfare
IFAW is supporting efforts and responding to the needs of wild and domestic animals in hurricane-affected regions as well as those affected by the earthquake in Mexico City. Find out more and make a donation.
K1 Britannia Foundation
The K1 Britannia Foundation focuses extensively on a variety of maritime and other charitable projects in St Maarten, with a major focus on the social issues faced by troubled youth on the island and the surrounding areas. They have been actively involved in hurricane relief efforts. Find out more and make a donation.
Save the Children
700,000 children in Puerto Rico have been affected by Hurricane Maria; many have been forced to leave their homes. Save the Children is in Puerto Rico, responding to the needs of children, mothers and families -- and in the Dominican Republic, broadening its response due to the added impact of Hurricane Maria. Find out more and make a donation.
Topos México
The Topos Tlaltelolco Rescue Brigade is a non-profit civil association made up of volunteers who provide rescue services, support and assistance to anyone in a vulnerable situation. Through your support, more than 100 Topos from several states are coordinating rescues in Condesa, Xochimilco, and Morelos. Find out more and make a donation.


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