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Lite Hits

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1990s & '00s Lite Hits

Adult contemporary pop 1990-2009

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'80s Hayride

A collection of '80s hits perfect for any fall activity

'90s Sunset

A cozy selection of late-'90s alternative pop hits that just "feel like fall"

1960s & '70s Lite Hits

Early adult contemporary classics

1970s & '80s Lite Hits

Adult hits of the soft rock era

1980s & '90s Lite Hits

Fun & lite adult contemporary hits.

200 Top-Rated Ballads

Songs of love, loss, redemption, and regret

2000s & '10s Lite Hits

Post-2K adult pop hits

Classic Hits

The greatest hit music of all time, with a '70s and '80s focus

Easy Breezy

Keep it light with extra-easy pop hits from the '60s, '70s, '80s, and '90s

Eurovision Song Contest Classics

The best contenders from the '70s through the '90s

Feel Good '70s & '80s

Uptempo '70s and '80s pop hits

Feel Good '80s & '90s

Spirited tunes from the '80s and '90s to get you motivated and moving

Hotter Sunny Lite Mix

Fun and energetic adult pop hits from 2k to today

Jammin' Oldies

An upbeat, fun music mix from back in the day

Kid-friendly '90s Songs for the Car

For children of the '90s with kids of your own -- share the music with the back seat and let 'em ...

Lighter Sunny Hits Mix

The ideal "at work" channel with pop hits and love songs.

Listeners' Top 100: Lite Hits

Our 100 highest-rated Lite Pop Hits

Lite Hits Classics

Adult pop hits from the '80s through the '00s

Lite Hits: AccuRadio 500

The 500 "Lite Hits" rated highest by AccuRadio listeners.

Lite Hits: Ya Gotta Move!

Today's grown-up pop hits to power your busy day. Whoops, gotta run!

Magic Sunny After Lunch Energy

Adult pop hits to help you power through your afternoon

Magic Sunny Autumn Mood

Celebrate fall's arrival with pop hits for grown-ups

Magic Sunny Coffee-Run-to-the-Kitchen

Uplifting adult pop hits for your at-home workday coffee run... to the kitchen

Magic Sunny Flashback

Bringing back lite hits from when life was easier!

Magic Sunny Lite Mix

Great adult hit music, some softer, some hotter

Magic Sunny Lite Party

It's an adult pop hit party -- high energy and lots of fun!

Magic Sunny Love Affair

Our most romantic adult pop hits

Magic Sunny Love Mix

Adult pop love songs

Magic Sunny Refresh & Relax

Adult hits for when you need to take a break and destress

Magic Sunny Waiting for Tonight

Spirited adult pop for when it's nearly time to clock out

Magic Sunny Weekend

Relaxing and fun adult hits for your weekend wind-down, or any time!

Mellow Gold Classic Hits

A softer mix of classic hits with a '70s & '80s focus


Modern singer-songwriters crafting adult rock and pop songs

One-Hit Wonder Classic Hits

To become a legend, sometimes all it takes is one...

Pop Latino

Adult pop and rock plus "crossover" favorites

Pop Music History's Top Women Performers

Simply the best! From Dionne and Aretha to Tina, Whitney, Madonna, Janet, Cher, and Adele: Pop mu...

Rock the Yacht

Setting sail on a sea of smooth Yacht Rock grooves

Tears Like Rain

Classic '80s & '90s hits for broken hearts and rainy days

The Wedding Reception

Romantic grooves, party rockers, and your favorite line-dance songs!

Unplugged: Acoustic Versions

Alternative acoustic versions of rock and pop hits, with lots from the MTV performances

Vintage Pop Hits & More

Simply a great variety of decades of adult hits

We'll Get Through This: Positive Music

Positive, "chin-up" contemporary and classic pop for PMA maintenance.

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