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Artist Features

Channels built around a particular artist, or group of artists, highlighting their influence and impact on the world of music.

Taylor Swift & Friends

Tons of Taylor, plus friends, frenemies, boyfriends (current and ex’s) and collaborators

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More Artist Features Channels

Artist Spotlight: Tom Petty

The man, his contemporaries, his influences -- music for broken hearts

Beatles and Friends

The Beatles, their influences, and the bands they influenced

Beatles Hit America

The music of early '64, when the Beatles invaded American culture

Beatles Plus

Every official Beatles track, plus solo material and the best covers

Beatles Plus: Just Covers

Nothing but covers of songs written by George, John and/or Paul

Beats by Dr. Dre

Celebrating 30 years of The Chronic plus Dre's production genius for Snoop, Em, Fiddy, Hova, Nas,...

Billie Holiday Centennial

Created for the 100th anniversary of her birth, lots of versions of songs made legendary by Lady ...

Classic Hits featuring Billy Joel

Our greatest hits collection with the spotlight on Long Island piano man Billy Joel.

Composer, Conductor, Performer: Bernstein

Inspired by the new Netflix film "Maestro," a multi-genre mix of music Bernstein composed, conduc...

Dillaworks: J Dilla Tribute

Celebrating the incomparable hip hop producer and artist J Dilla on what would have been his 50th...

DMX: A Tribute

Remembering the life of DMX with his greatest works, as well as those who inspired him, those who...

feat. Pitbull

Our April Fool's showcase of music featuring music's top featured artist

Gone But Not Forgotten

In remembrance of classic rockers who've gone before us...

Hotter Sunny Lite Mix featuring Adele

Passionate adult pop hits with the songs of Adele's "30" album at center stage.

In Memoriam

500 songs from artists whose absence is as profound as their contributions

It Came from New Jersey

Rock from artists from or based in New Jersey. Springsteen & Bon Jovi are just the start!

John & His Jukebox

Beatles, John Lennon solo, John as a guest artist, plus rock & soul classics from his legendary j...

Michael Jackson & Friends

Our celebration of the legacy of the King of Pop

Motown Sound featuring Stevie Wonder

Our Motown Sound channel with lots of extra Stevie Wonder

Motown Sound Featuring the Temptations

Our "Motown Sound" channel modified with lots more Temptations tracks!

Preemo Beats: DJ Premier Productions

Tracks produced by one of the best, the incomparable DJ Premier

Prince: A Remembrance

Celebrating the music of Prince, as an artist and songwriter, with his own performances and his m...

R&B History's Top Women featuring Janet Jackson

We put Ms. Jackson at center stage in a collection of R&B's most potent female voices.

Six Degrees of Eric Clapton

Music from Clapton, his bandmates, and those with whom he's shared the stage...

Tangled Up in Bob

A channel for Dylan

The Dark Side at 50

A celebration of covers, tributes, rare & live Pink Floyd recordings, plus every track of the stu...

The Good Life: Tony Bennett Showcase

The music of an American treasure, Tony Bennett, plus other songs and stars you'll love.

The Milton Nascimento Channel

A channel dedicated to the music of Milton Nascimento, from his greatest hits to hidden treasures...

The Planet Bruno (Mars)

A danceable trip to the universe of Bruno Mars, including the influence of Elvis, Sly Stone, Sant...

The Soul of Rock featuring Hall & Oates

We climb the rock 'n soul family tree across the decades with tracks from Otis Redding, Bonnie Ra...

Viva Elvis!

Celebrating the music of the King and his contemporaries

Winehouse & Everything After

Soulful songs from Amy Winehouse and the British Isles vocalists she inspired.

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