Introducing Anna’s Songs, From Our Latest Mobile Summer Winner

As part of AccuRadio’s Mobile Summer promotion, we recently gave a few AccuRadio listeners the opportunity to handcraft a channel featuring their own favorite music. This week, we’ve rolled out a new collection featuring the channels programmed by our winners and we want to introduce you to these listeners and their new channels.

Anna's SongsToday, our featured channel is Anna’s Songs, a diverse collection focused on British & Irish pop music, selected by AccuRadio listener Anna Swann!

Music has played a huge part in Anna’s life. She remembers growing up with her mum leaving the radio on all day, every day. As soon as Anna had enough money, she couldn’t wait to buy her very first 45rpm record – Donny Elbert’s “Where Did Our Love Go”.  

As a youth she kept a strict Thursday night routine, watching Top of the Pops while getting ready to go out. “It was always a rush to get ready for the disco whilst watching Top Of The Pops at the same time; it was certainly a ritual for me and my friends back then and our whole week seemed to centre around Thursday nights. ”

AnnaAnna was lucky enough to marry the love of her life, Kevin, and together they’ve lived all over the UK, spending time in Wiltshire, Wales, Scotland, Essex, Caversham, and Reading in Royal Berkshire. When trying to sell their last home, Anna took pride in staging the home and “Choosing bits and pieces to complement each room, setting the lighting and the temperature, and most importantly, choosing the correct background music.”

Still, this pales in comparison to her biggest accomplishment, “Raising two lovely daughters who have grown up to respect life and to appreciate the value of family.”

Anna listens to quite a wide variety of music on AccuRadio singling out Ladies Sing the Blues and Ryan Farish’s Positive Chillout as a couple of her favorite channels, but her selection will vary by mood or activity. “I love to workout to electronic/dance sounds so when I’m in the mood for housework, I just put it on and whizz through the chores.”

Take a listen to Anna’s Songs and hear the music she wanted to share with the world. Find our Mobile Summer Winner channels section in the app and on our homepage. Later this week, we’ll profile our third winner right here. Don’t forget to follow AccuRadio on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram for all the latest news and updates.

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