Soundtrack Your Weekend with These Channel a Day in May Previews!

The seasons may have started to change, but it’s still May, which means AccuRadio continues to launch a brand-new hand-crafted music channel every single day. This weekend’s long holiday means that summer is here, and with it the attendant cookouts, road trips, beach parties, and summer festivals. We want to make sure you get your summer off to a great start, so this week we’re featuring a collection of summer-themed music for every taste. These channels will be made available on our homepage over the course of the next seven days, but you can preview them all right now, even as our programmers provide the finishing touches. Which one will be your new favorite?

Preview this week's Channel a Day in May debuts.

The Memorial 500

The Memorial 500As we head into this holiday weekend, we remember some of  the memorable artists that we’ve lost. Celebrate their music with a cross-genre tribute to the musical legacies of musicians who have left their unique stamps on the history of music. Officially launching tomorrow, Friday, May 22, you can listen to a preview of The Memorial 500 right now. They may be gone, but they will never be forgotten!

Indie Dance Party

Indie Dance PartyGet your holiday weekend dance party started with this channel featuring indie-leaning jams from artists like Hot Chip, Cut Copy, and Major Lazer as well remixes, throwbacks and music from labels like DFA Records, Fools Gold, & PC Music. The hipster dance party officially gets started on Saturday, May 23rd, but you can “Dance Yrself Clean” with Indie Dance Party right now!

Classic Rock Road Trips

classic_rock_road_tripWhether you’re traveling this holiday weekend or not, we’re giving you the perfect road trip soundtrack. Our  latest channel features a hand-crafted mix of Classic Rock that is perfect for the open road, featuring bands like The Doors, Kiss, Talking Heads, and more! Launching on Sunday, May 24th, Classic Rock Road Trips is available for an early preview right now! Sit back, set the cruise control, and enjoy the music you love.

Back in the Day BBQ

Back in the Day BBQSummertime. Time to sit back and unwind. If you’re firing up the grill this holiday weekend, we’ll bring the tunes. Featuring hip-hop’s best throwback summer jams. Pull out the lawn chairs and invite the neighbors, because while Back in the Day BBQ officially launches on Memorial Day, Monday, May 25th, you can get and advance listen right now. And please, make sure to save us a hot dog!

Magic Sunny Summer

Magic Sunny SummerThe summer vibes don’t end there. When you want to bask in the warm and sunny glow of your favorite adult pop hits and oldies, specifically chosen to invoke the sounds of summer, we have just the thing. While you’ll have to wait until Tuesday, May 26th for it to be available on our site, you can start the season early with a preview of Magic Sunny Summer. Pro-tip: don’t forget the sunscreen.

Smooth Steppin’

smooth_steppinGet smooth with us. Our programmers have created a mix of ultra smooth R&B and soothing sounds that are perfect for Steppin’ out on the floor. show off your moves with smooth classics from artists like Sade, Terence Trent D’Arby, and Whitney Houston, plus many may more. This channel will officially debut Wednesday, May 27th, but you can get a sneak preview of Smooth Steppin’ right now!

Classic Rock Gets the Blues

Classic Rock Gets the BluesClassic Rock as we know it grew out of the tradition of American Blues Music. Exploring this connection, our team has assembled a collection of blues-based rock music and the Rock and Roll that has been influenced by it. Featuring classics by Cream, Zeppelin, the Stones and more, this channel will debut next Thursday, May 28th, but Classic Rock Gets the Blues is available for an early preview right now!

Remember, you can keep up with all of our Channel a Day in May offerings in the featured section on our homepage and in our app. And for daily updates, don’t forget to follow us on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Have a safe and spectacular weekend from all of us here at AccuRadio!

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  1. Andrea says:

    Magic Sunny Summer debuted in May 2015, but is one of my favorite channels to this day.

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