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Artist: Roberto Vally feat. Daniela Soledade

The following channels include songs by Roberto Vally feat. Daniela Soledade

Bossa Nova Love Affair

Blame it on the music or the ocean's breeze, but every love affair has its own unique rhythm. Fin...

The Sunday Brazilian Brunch

Breezy Bossas and sun-kissed Sambas, it’s the softer side of Brazilian song

Women of Brazilian Song

The feminine side of Brazilian music! Enjoy the best female songwriters, vocalists, and instrumen...

House Blend: Smooth Jazz Sunday Brunch + Brazilian Sunday Brunch

An omelette of music that will take you to a happy place.

New Music: Brazil!

Every Brazilian song you've ever loved started out as a new song. Here's where to find them.

Brazilian Jazz

Brazilian masters trade tunes with the world's top jazz stars for this classic and contemporary m...


XODÓ! is the rhythm of life from Recife to Rio, Salvador to Sao Paulo!

Café Copacabana

Contemporary Bossa Nova inspired by the world’s most exotic beaches and fueled by the Brazilian s...


Your destination for contemporary and classic Bossa nova and Brazilian jazz

Smooth Jazz

Smooth grooves and melodies perfect for relaxing or working

Smooth Jazz Instrumentals

Smooth Jazz without the vocals

Preciso Brazilian

From MPB to Samba, Bossa to Lambada. Get ready to explore the music of Brazil!

New Smooth Jazz

The latest Smooth Jazz releases

Holiday Music: Wide Playlist

The widest playlist of holiday songs you'll find anywhere -- over 17,000 songs!

Instrument: Smooth Jazz Sax

Smooth Jazz sax tunes

Brazilian Christmas

Seasonally-themed instrumentals and vocals sung in Portuguese, Spanish, and English

Smooth Jazz Sunday Brunch

Now, enjoy the mellow mood of Sunday morning -- anytime!


From Paco de Lucia to Nouveau Flamenco to Gypsy Passion, music originating in Spain’s Andalucia r...

All Jobim

Opening up the Antonio Carlos Jobim Songbook to the world’s best musicians

Instrument: Smooth Jazz Piano

Smooth Jazz keyboard masters

Smooth Covers

Smooth Jazz renditions of well-known pop melodies

The Modern World

A contemporary take on the world


A mind-elevating mix of modern house, techno, and trance

Smooth Jazz Vocals

Smooth Jazz + smooth voices

House Heads

House music from Chicago to "Madchester," from funky to tribal

One World

Many cultures, one world

Mellow Smooth Jazz

The perfect background Smooth Jazz

Beach House

The best of Tropical House: where the beach meets the club


Expressive vocal music, associated with pubs and cafés of Portugal.

Fifty/Fifty Smooth Instrumentals Holiday Blend

Smooth Jazz instrumentals alongside smooth instrumental takes on holiday classics

Fifty/Fifty Smooth Jazz Holiday Blend

Half Smooth Jazz, half smooth holiday tracks, all good!

Instrument: Smooth Jazz Guitar

For guitar fans who like it smooth

Jazz Internationale

A "world" view on this great American export

Christmas Standards

Tons of versions of classic holiday pop standards

One Song Radio: "The Girl from Ipanema"

One "Girl", dozens of unique and inspiring versions of one of the most recorded songs in history.

Non-Standard Christmas

Holiday music beyond the tried-and-true dozen songs everyone knows

Smooth Jazz Love Songs

Smooth Jazz for romance, or any mood!

Smooth Jazz Dinner Party

A festive blend of cocktail jazz instrumentals, vocals, and seldom-played vintage tracks


Music from Spain, Mexico, Central- and South America

Instrument: Smooth Jazz Brass

From the Smooth Jazz horn-of-plenty...

Big EDM Beats

Dance hits, club beats, and top DJ remixes

Tango Lounge

Chill out or tango the night away with a Nu-tango mix

World Focus

A pan-cultural playlist to aid your concentration

House Blend: Vocal Jazz + Smooth Jazz Vocals

A sweet collage of vocal inventors with textures from the modern breed.

Garage and Beyond

UK Garage, UKF, Grime, and Bass

Yoga & Meditation

Indian Carnatic flute and ambient sounds to accompany your inner voyage

Quiet Christmas Eve

Softer Christmas favorites for when you can almost hear the snow fall...

Smooth Pumpkin Spice Latte

Delectable Smooth Jazz textures for a relaxing break


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