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Artist: Cynthia Crane and Mike Renzi

The following channels include songs by Cynthia Crane and Mike Renzi

The MAC Channel

Featuring members of the Manhattan Association of Cabarets & Clubs (


Featuring sophisticated, Manhattan-based song stylists

Female Cabaret

Female cabaret and jazz vocalists

Modern Cabaret

Contemporary Cabaret performances

Holiday Music: Wide Playlist

The widest playlist of holiday songs you'll find anywhere -- over 17,000 songs!

Male Cabaret

Cabaret music by male vocalists

The Harold Arlen Songbook

Songs by one of the 20th Century's greatest ("Over the Rainbow")

Non-Standard Christmas

Holiday music beyond the tried-and-true dozen songs everyone knows

Cabaret Composer: Richard Rodgers

Classics written with Hart or with Hammerstein

Happy New Year!

Songs for wintertime, snowfall, skating, and New Year's Eve

Cabaret Composer: The Gershwins

Cabaret artists' favorite Gershwin classics

House Blend: Broadway + Cabaret

A blend of our "Broadway's Best" and "Cabaretdio" channels

Broadway Covers

Covers of the great Broadway hits by jazz and contemporary artists

Classic Cabaret

Great cabaret performers from the 1930s through the 1980s

Holiday on Broadway

Holiday music from Broadway shows and Broadway stars.

Cabaret Composer: Cole Porter

Cabaret stars interpret Porter

Kurt Hanson's Five-Star Radio

A tasty mix of pop standards, '60s oldies, classic rock, Broadway, and modern alt-country. Kurt i...

Christmas Standards

Tons of versions of classic holiday pop standards

Composers: Berlin, Gershwins, Kern & Porter

Broadway's classic composers

One Song Radio: "What Are You Doing New Year's Eve?"

By Frank Loesser, the same composer who wrote "Baby, It's Cold Outside" (and "Guys and Dolls" and...

The Jingle Channel

If it's a holiday classic with a "Jingle," you'll hear it here!

Blue & White Christmas

Tons of renditions of "Blue Christmas" and "White Christmas"

Women of Jazz

Jazz music's top female artists

Modern Pop Standards

Contemporary swingin' vocalists

The Irving Berlin Songbook

The songs of the 20th century's most-successful composer

One Song Radio: "Winter Wonderland"

"Frolic and play the Eskimo way" with the vast collection of artists who recorded this classic!

One Song Radio: "Christmas Time Is Here"

A favorite song from "A Charlie Brown Christmas," performed by a plethora of artists

One Song Radio: "White Christmas"

The Irving Berlin classic in multiple versions -- like snowflakes, each one different!

Blues and Elvis and Somebody Else's Favorite Song

Inspired by a lyric in Steely Dan's "FM (No Static at All)," so lots of Steely Dan. (The "somebo...

Broadway's Best

The all-time top songs from 50 years of Broadway musicals

Radio North Pole

Songs about Santa, his reindeer, and the elves.

Swingin' Pop Standards

History's greatest crooners sing the Great American Songbook

The Carols Catalogue

Long-loved recordings and newer renditions of traditional Christmas carols (no "pop" compositions...

Composer: Richard Rodgers

Lyrics by Hart, Hammerstein, or Rodgers himself

Cabaret Composer: Sondheim

Cabaret versions of songs by the late Broadway composer

Spice Tracks

Non-traditional holiday music styles, artists, and songs

Cutting Edge Jazz

Contemporary experimental jazz. Not Avant-Garde, not Straight-Ahead

Tony Award Best Musicals (1949-present)

Selections from the entire history of Tony Award winning "Best Musicals"

Wide Playlist Broadway

Thousands of tracks for the die-hard theater fan!

The Bacharach & David Songbook

A showcase of the songwriting genius of Burt Bacharach and the late Harold Lane "Hal" David

Wait, THEY Made a Christmas Record?!?

Holiday music from unexpected sources

New School Jazz

Jazz after bop!

One Song Radio: "Silent Night"

Dozens of versions of one of the world's best-loved Christmas carols.

The Jerome Kern Songbook

The legendary composer of "The Way You Look Tonight"

1960s Broadway

The decade of "Fiddler," "Hello Dolly!," and "Cabaret"

Quiet Christmas Eve

Softer Christmas favorites for when you can almost hear the snow fall...

One Song Radio: "What Child? (Greensleeves)"

Dozens of versions of the tune also known as "What Child Is This?"

House Blend: Vocal Jazz + Smooth Jazz Vocals

A sweet collage of vocal inventors with textures from the modern breed.


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