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Artist: Band of Horses

The following channels include songs by Band of Horses

Indie Au Naturale

Stripped-down Indie with folk, country, lo/fi and acoustic tunes

Future Perfect Radio

Our deepest indie rock channel, featuring new music, deep cuts and forgotten favorites


Indie recorded on boomboxes, in bedrooms, and in spite of producers

Brand New Indie

As soon as we get it, you hear it

Double Latte

Coffeehouse singer-songwriter and smooth, comfortable Adult Rock

2000s Indie

The best Indie and underground rock of 2000-2009

Adult Rock: The Rockers

Adult Rock for grown-ups who still like it (a little) loud

Indie 101

The hippest Alternative, the friendliest Indie

Love Is a Bummer

Pop & alternative rock, for the sad, the cynical and the scorned


Progressive, hypnotic, melodic, and uplifting electronic music

Relax with Indie

Indie and post rock to clear your head

Indie Flagship

Iconic indie artists and the latest releases

Adult Alternative

Today's alternative rock for the post-college crowd

Sweet Harmony

Many genres of harmonizing lead and background vocal music

Alternative Motivation

A kick in the pants for Alternative rock fans -- let's get moving!

2010s Indie

The finest indie music of the past decade

Rock Alphabet: Killer "B"s

A boatload of Boston, the Beatles, the Byrds, the Bangles, Bon Iver, James Brown, Jackson Browne,...

Eric Bowden's Five-Star Radio

Our Alternative Rock curator, Eric, sports impeccably eclectic tastes. From Indie to R&B, enjoy h...

House Blend: Coachella at 20 channels

A combo of our 2019 series of channels celebrating 20 years of the Coachella Valley Music and Art...

House Blend: Blues + Adult Alternative

A unique mix of tastes blended by Ricardo, an AccuRadio listener in Brazil.


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