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Artist: Antonio Carlos Jobim

The following channels include songs by Antonio Carlos Jobim

Brazilian Jazz

Brazilian masters trade tunes with the world's top jazz stars for this classic and contemporary m...

All Jobim

Opening up the Antonio Carlos Jobim Songbook to the world’s best musicians

Composers: Jobim

The timeless work of Bossa Nova maestro Antonio Carlos Jobim

Preciso Brazilian

From MPB to Samba, Bossa to Lambada. Get ready to explore the music of Brazil!

1960s Jazz

Post-bop, free jazz, and early fusion

House Blend: Blue Note Records + 1960s Jazz

A blend of late '50s and '60s hard bop, modal, and avant garde Jazz

Latin Jazz

Jazz from Latin America and the Caribbean. Edgy, vibrant & cool…

1970s Jazz

When fusion was king, and the birth of the modern giants

Jazz Sampler: 1974

All the tracks from our favorite jazz releases of 1974

Jazz Internationale

A "world" view on this great American export

Mellow Grooves Jazz

Bossa nova, slow funk jams, and ballads with a beat -- mellow jazz that won't put you to sleep

Smooth Jazz Pioneers

Before there was Smooth Jazz, they were the heart of pre-1987 contemporary jazz

Beautiful Music

500 of music's most beautiful melodies with lush and soothing orchestration

Jazz '67

Jazz sounds from the year Coltrane left us and Tyner proved he was The Real McCoy

Bossa Nova Love Affair

Blame it on the music or the ocean's breeze, but every love affair has its own unique rhythm. Fin...

House Blend: Smooth Jazz Sunday Brunch + Brazilian Sunday Brunch

An omelette of music that will take you to a happy place.


Your destination for contemporary and classic Bossa nova and Brazilian jazz

The Sunday Brazilian Brunch

Breezy Bossas and sun-kissed Sambas, it’s the softer side of Brazilian song

Third Stream

Where Jazz and Classical meet

One Song Radio: "The Girl from Ipanema"

One "Girl", dozens of unique and inspiring versions of one of the most recorded songs in history.


Smooth Latin Jazz and Latin Jazz come together... Relax and enjoy!

House Blend: Vocal Jazz + Smooth Jazz Vocals

A sweet collage of vocal inventors with textures from the modern breed.

Smooth Jazz Dinner Party

A festive blend of cocktail jazz instrumentals, vocals, and seldom-played vintage tracks

Music Melange '67

Have broad musical tastes? Enjoy this mashup of 1967 rock, pop, soul, jazz, reggae, and more!

Listeners' Top 100: World Music

The 100 top-rated tracks from across our World Music channels

One World

Many cultures, one world

Vocal Jazz

Legendary Jazz singers and their signature songs

Crystal Eidson's Five-Star Radio

Enjoy these treasures from Alternative, Techno, '60s Jazz, '70s Classic Rock, and more. Crystal i...

Number, Please!

Songs that are much more than 1s & 0s. Nothing but numerical tracks of all kinds.

Pure Jazz

The rich art of Jazz: classic and modern, vocal and instrumental

Women of Brazilian Song

The feminine side of Brazilian music! Enjoy the best female songwriters, vocalists, and instrumen...

Instrument: Saxophone Jazz

Jazz comes alive on the expressive sax

1980s Jazz

Fusion and neo-bop, with Pat Metheny, Wynton Marsalis, and more

The Good Life: Tony Bennett Showcase

The music of an American treasure, Tony Bennett, plus other songs and stars you'll love.

House Blend: Magic Sunny Flashback + Mellow Gold Classic Hits + Motown Sound

An easygoing blend of vintage Pop and Soul

Modern Pop Standards

Contemporary swingin' vocalists

Jazz Ballads

Beautiful, sophisticated, and relaxing Jazz


Only the very finest Jazz of all time

Rat Pack

Frank, Dean, Sammy, and their friends and peers

Sound of Scorsese

The iconic songs that accompany the powerful scenes of Martin Scorsese films. Tune in, or GO HOME...

Magic Sunny Flashback

Bringing back lite hits from when life was easier!

Jazz Love Songs

Romantic tunes in the Jazz tradition

Rock @ the Movies

Rockumentaries, concert films, and rock songs that inspired movies

World Focus

A pan-cultural playlist to aid your concentration

Smooth Jazz Vocals

Smooth Jazz + smooth voices

Mellow Smooth Jazz

The perfect background Smooth Jazz

Blue Note Records

The recorded legacy of Jazz music’s greatest record company.


Music from Spain, Mexico, Central- and South America


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