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Workplace Moods Channels

AccuRadio is better radio for your workday! Enjoy these hand-crafted channels designed to be perfect for getting motivated, for concentrating, for de-stressing, and for when you're approaching the end of the workday.

Workday Moods

We'll Get Through This: Positive Music

Positive, "chin-up" contemporary and classic pop for PMA maintenance.

'80s Workout

'80s hits to help you get the blood moving without the spandex and leg warmers.

Alternative Motivation

A kick in the pants for Alternative rock fans -- let's get moving!

Broadway Sing-along

Uptempo Broadway songs that'll make you want to join right in!

CCM Encouragement

Hope and motivation when times seem dark...

Classic Rock Workout

Lift. Rock. Repeat

Classical Boost

A mix of lively Classical favorites to start your day or get you energized

Country Fit

High energy Country to fuel your workout

Country Go!

Get energized by Country Music's biggest stars

EDM Workout

EDM for the G-Y-M

Feel Good '50s & '60s

Energetic and fun Oldies

Feel Good '70s & '80s

Uptempo '70s and '80s pop hits

Feel Good '80s & '90s

Spirited tunes from the '80s and '90s to get you motivated and moving

Feel Good Old School R&B

Classic R&B favorites to start your day, or perk you up whenever you need it

Grown Folks R&B Coffee Break

First-rate classic R&B and "steppers" to perk up your midday

HitKast Energize

High energy pop & dance like the morning sun in your eyes

Jazz Burners

Burnin' fast jazz to motivate you. Nothing under 200 BPM!

Magic Sunny After Lunch Energy

Adult pop hits to help you power through your afternoon

Marching Bands & Fight Songs

You love a parade! Big horns and drums to charge you up.

Rock Out Workout

For when you want to work out something other than your neck...

R&B Morning Motivation

R&B with "crossover" Gospel to motivate you and keep you inspired throughout your workday.

Smooth Jazz Energy

Upbeat Smooth Jazz that'll keep you hummin'

Sports Jams

The in-between-plays rock and hip-hop that pumps up the crowd and motivates the home team


Fun, high-energy Latin dance & crossover club hits to work your body

Focus, concentrate

Ambient Electronic

Not just background, music to induce calm and a space to think

Brazilian Jazz Instrumentals

The relaxing warmth of Brazilian guitars, pianos, saxes, and horns with a touch of tropical passi...

Classic Rock Light

Lighter classic rock ideal for the office or background listening

Classical Concentration

Classical compositions conducive to creative cognition

Celtic Focus

Celtic music that's a great background while you focus on work

Gregorian Chant

Timeless vocal pieces to inspire calm and serenity

Instrumental Christian

Streams in the desert to comfort your soul

Instrumental Funk & Soul

Nothing but old school funky grooves and throwbacks -- and no vocals!

Instrumental Oldies

Great instrumental pop hits of the 50s-early 80s

Jazz for Concentration

Work along to Jazz conducive to clear thinking

Lo-fi Beats

Chillhop, instrumental. Study, focus, or just lay back and chill.

Machines Can Do the Work

Electronic music for focus, concentration, and productivity

Mellow Grooves Jazz

Bossa nova, slow funk jams, and ballads with a beat -- mellow jazz that won't put you to sleep

Post Rock

Layered guitars and massive instrumentals

Reggae Instrumental

Hand-selected tracks of all types of reggae without vocals

Rock Instrumentals

Prog-rock classics, guitar heroics, and extended jams

Smooth Jazz for Concentration

Enhance your brain power and productivity with this special mix.

Smooth Jazz Instrumentals

Smooth Jazz without the vocals

Solo Classical Piano

Solo pieces showcasing the versatility of the piano

Textures Breeze

Softer music ideal for intense focus and concentration

Video Game Soundtracks

Orchestral, cinematographic soundtrack music from epic adventure and action video games

World Focus

A pan-cultural playlist to aid your concentration

Yoga & Meditation

Indian Carnatic flute and ambient sounds to accompany your inner voyage

Unwind and relax

Relaxing Bossa Nova Cover Songs

Pop hits in the Bossa Nova style! The best breezy Bossa Nova covers to unwind and free your mind

Beautiful Music

500 of music's most beautiful melodies with lush and soothing orchestration

Celtic Calm

A relaxing Celtic vibe to reduce the stress of the day

Classic Rock Dreams

Relaxing classic rock for a mellow mood

Classical Relaxation

Relaxing and soothing Classical melodies

Country Chill

A more "restrained" country soundtrack for productivity or relaxation

Double Latte

Coffeehouse singer-songwriter and smooth, comfortable Adult Rock

Fingerstyle Guitar

Masters of the right-hand technique, mostly acoustic, in a variety of musical genres

HitKast Unwind

Put your stress behind you with a less intense mix of pop hits

The Leopard Print Lounge Chair

By radio pro Donna Reed, mellow Classic Rock and laid-back Alternative for de-stressing, relaxing...

Magic Sunny Coffee-Run-to-the-Kitchen

Uplifting adult pop hits for your at-home workday coffee run... to the kitchen

Magic Sunny Refresh & Relax

Adult hits for when you need to take a break and destress

Mellow Gold Classic Hits

A softer mix of classic hits with a '70s & '80s focus

Mellow Smooth Jazz

The perfect background Smooth Jazz


Modern singer-songwriters crafting adult rock and pop songs

Power Nap

Music to help you grab a couple winks and recharge for the afternoon

R&B Time to Chill

R&B for relaxing and unwinding

Relax with Indie

Indie and post rock to clear your head

Romantic Piano

The beautiful sounds of the world's most versatile instrument

Ryan Farish's Positive Chillout

From multiple top ten Billboard charting artist, producer, and DJ Ryan Farish

The Spa Channel

Drift away on a bed of soothing sound

Springtime Rebirth

Celebrate spring with New Age inspired by a spirit of renewal and rebirth

The Sunday Brazilian Brunch

Breezy Bossas and sun-kissed Sambas, it’s the softer side of Brazilian song

Super-Mellow Instrumental Jazz

A soothing way to unwind from your day

Surely You Joust

Gettin' medieval on your ears, for RenFaire fans, RPGers, and cosplayers


Sound for your mind: Dub, Psychedelic, Trance, and more

Walking: 120 BPM

Today's hits paced to accompany your next brisk walk

Workout Cool Down

Pop and R&B to wind down with at the end of your workout

It's almost 5 o'clock!

'80s Hair Metal

Whitesnake, Poison, Cinderella, and Skid Row!


Latin hits to move your body!

Beaches, Guitars & Tiki Bars

Radio vet Bryan "Shark" Fitzpatrick's Trop Rock (or "Gulf & Western") mix of Country, Reggae, and...

Country At-Home Happy Hour

The work day is over, let's drain a couple cold ones! Party Country for your stay-at-home happy h...

Drumming & Driving

A crowd-sourced collection of classic rock & pop hits to bang out on the steering wheel (safely p...

Five O'Clock Classic Rock

Upbeat Classic rock for when the workday is over (or you wish it were!)

Going to a Go-Go

Soulful dance favorites from the '60s and '70s. Guaranteed to keep you moving!

HitKast Remix

Remixes and club versions of today's hits

It's Disco!

Nonstop disco-era dance anthems!

Kids Dance Party

Fun and spirited tunes to move your body, appropriate for younger ears

Land of 1,000 Dance Songs

A huge collection of songs, of all varieties, that are great for dancing

Magic Sunny Waiting for Tonight

Spirited adult pop for when it's nearly time to clock out

Magic Sunny Weekend

Relaxing and fun adult hits for your weekend wind-down, or any time!

R&B Afternoon Commute

R&B classics and hits for your drive home and to celebrate the end of the workday

R&B Backyard Party

It's your soundtrack to an R&B backyard BBQ

Rockin' the Jukebox

Up-tempo, danceable, feel-good Country

Smooth Jazz Dinner Party

A festive blend of cocktail jazz instrumentals, vocals, and seldom-played vintage tracks

Third Shift Thrash

Metal to end your day (or begin it, or whenever!)

The Wedding Reception

Romantic grooves, party rockers, and your favorite line-dance songs!

World Party

Fun, upbeat, danceable music for the party from all over the world


XODÓ! is the rhythm of life from Recife to Rio, Salvador to Sao Paulo!


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