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Turn online listeners into a profitable growth business

Forty years ago, as you may recall, radio listeners were rapidly embracing FM radio.

Today, radio listeners are rapidly embracing personalizable radio.

They’re listening to radio on their computers, smartphones, tablets, smart speakers, and smart TVs, and in their car dashboards, in numbers that are growing every year.

Does your broadcast group have a brand in its portfolio that allows you to compete in this exciting new space?

AccuRadio — personalizable radio designed by and for broadcasters — now offers you a chance to license its award-winning technology platform so that you can build your own brand of multichannel personalizable radio quickly, easily, and profitably.

Introducing RPASS:

AccuRadio’s award-winning infrastructure — RPAAS (Radio Platform as a Service) — is now available for licensing, so you can build your own brand using our state-of-the-art technology.

You pick your own brand name, tagline, target audience, color scheme, genres, channels, and ad networks, and write and produce your own sweepers. Within mere days (not months), your product is ready to launch!

Contact us:

AccuRadio Broadcaster Services can help you quickly and easily build a multichannel personaIizable online radio brand to serve any desired genre (e.g., smooth jazz or Americana), geographic area (e.g., San Diego or the Czech Republic), usage situation (e.g., coffeehouse or yoga class).

To learn more, contact Kurt Hanson (kurt@accuradio.com), John Gehron (jgehron@accuradio.com), or Jim Pavilack (jim@accuradio.com; call or text 323-821-0220)


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