Say Hello to Tristyn, and To Our Latest Channel

This summer, as part of AccuRadio’s Mobile Summer, we gave our listeners the chance to win an opportunity to program a channel of their own! Our winners have chosen their music, and this week, we launched these three brand new channels. Today, we’re featuring Tristyn’s Picks, and speaking to the listener responsible, Tristyn Stevenson.

Tristyn's PicksTristyn grew up in suburban Barrie, Ontario, Canada and has worked as a mental health and addictions counselor for almost 10 years. Her entire life has been informed by music. As a child, and throughout her teens, Tristyn was a competitive dancer. “To this day, I can’t listen to a piece music without choreographing a dance in my head to go with it,” she tells us. In addition to dance, she has two siblings that are both musicians, and she’s tried her hand at learning to play everything from the clarinet and saxophone, to piano, guitar and drums. She even worked at a  record store which she credits with helping her explore and discover all sorts of new music.

Tristyn-photoWe’re especially thrilled to be featuring Tristyn this week, and this past weekend all of her planning and preparation came together as she married her fiancé, Ryan this past weekend. We send our congratulations to the happy couple and wish them (and their two black Labs) all the happiness in the world!  Tristyn and Ryan bought their home several years ago and plan to keep working on making it their dream home as long as they can. Tristyn tells us, “My simple little life is good for the moment and for that I am grateful.” 

On AccuRadio, Tristyn listens to a bit of everything from rock and pop and from country to classical. Lately, she has been listening to a lot of 1990s Alternative and Summer Hits: The 00s, which make her nostaligic for her days at high school and university.

Tristyn’s Picks features some of her favorite music, which she was delighted to share with all of our listeners! Let us know what you think! Find our Mobile Summer Winner channels section in the app and on our homepage, and don’t forget to follow AccuRadio on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram for all the latest news and updates.

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