Even More Channel a Day in May Madness? It’s True!!

Have you been following all of our Channel a Day in May launches? We’re excited to see so much enthusiasm for all of our new music online! But the work is not done – AccuRadio‘s programmers are busy hand-crafting all of the new channels that we will be launching next week, and as we’ve done the past few weeks we wanted to give a special preview to all of the fans who make the effort to visit our blog. These channels are still works in progress, and music is being added every day. We hope you enjoy all of our latest offerings.

Channel a Day in May preview!

Chicago House & Old School

Chicago House & Old School musicOur take on the sound of Chicago’s Hot Mix 5 DJ crew. This channel is all about the house that Chicago built! Featuring tracks from legends like Ralphi Rosario, Chip E and Frankie Knuckles plus the labels that started it all -Trax, DJ International and Underground. Chicago House & Old School launches tomorrow, May 15th but you can start the weekend early with a sneak preview now. Let’s jack!

UPDATE: We updated our schedule a bit, in order to get you the freshest music fast. The Indie Dance Party is still happening, but it will now be launching a week from Saturday, while this week we bring you…

Ladies Sing the Blues

This weekend, in honor of HBO’s “Bessie” starring Queen Latifah, we’ve put together a channel featuring some of the greatest female blues singers of all time! For classic and modern takes on blues standards and the best vocal performances, sit back while ladies like Bessie Smith, Billie Holiday, Koko Taylor, and more step up to the microphone. Officially debuting on  Saturday, May 16th,  you can preview Ladies Sing the Blues right now!

2010s Broadway

The music of 2010s BroadwayCelebrate the Broadway’s best from 2010-today. Highlighting music that made its debut on the Great White Way in the past few years this channel will have you singing along with all of your newest favorites. The curtain rises on this channel on Sunday, May 17th but you can hear a dress rehearsal for 2010s Broadway today!

Oldies @ the Movies (and TV!)

Oldies @ the Movies: Classic Movie MusicWhen used properly, the right song, at the right moment, in the right film or television show can bring everything together. We’ve brought some of these great songs together for our latest channel. We’re highlighting great oldies music that was memorably featured in some of the biggest movie moments, television shows, and TV commercials of all time. This channel will open wide on Monday, May 18th, but you can catch an early preview of Oldies @ the Movies (and TV!)  right now. We saved you a seat!

Smooth Jazz: In the Beginning

Smooth Jazz: In the BeginningAfter the pioneers laid the groundwork, Smooth Jazz came into its own in 1987 and this channel features the music that was being made as Smooth Jazz established itself as a genre in-and-of itself. Featuring artists like Chuck Mangione, Van Morrison, Yanni and Diane Schuur, journey back with us to the beginning starting Tuesday, May 19th, or get a taste of Smooth Jazz: In the Beginning today.

Chicago Gospel Music Festival

Chicago Gospel FestivalCelebrating the 30th anniversary of the city of Chicago’s Gospel Music Festival, this channel highlights some of the artists who will be performing at this festival in the city where Gospel Music was invented 80 years ago!  Featuring artists like Ricky Dillard and New G, Israel Houghton and New Breed, JJ Hairston, & Marvin Sapp, this channel will help your spirits soar on Wednesday, May 20th, but you can preview Chicago Gospel Music Festival right now.

Classic Rock Country Blend

A blend of today's country with great classic rock!Hey man, you got some classic rock in my country?” We did! On purpose, even. This channel is a unique hand-curated blend of today’s best country music along with some of the classic rock that inspired and laid the groundwork for today’s country. While the channel will be let loose into the world at large on Thursday, May, 21st, you can rustle up a preview of Classic Rock Country Blend now!

We hope you love listening to all of these brand new channels just as much as we loved building them for you. Remember, you can find all of the channels we’ve launched this month in the Channel a Day in May section on our homepage and follow us on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram for all the latest updates.

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