Channel a Day in May: What’s Next?

We’ve been working hard to perfect all of our brand new music offerings, and we hope you’ve enjoyed the first week’s worth of all-new hand-crafted music channels we’ve launched here on AccuRadio, but we’re just getting started! During Channel a Day in May, we’re adding a brand new channel every single day this month, each one built by hand by our team of programmers. As we did last week, we wanted to give readers of our blog a sneak peak at all of the new channels we’ll be debuting next week. Our programmers are still putting the finishing touches on these playlists, but you can be the first to hear them before they premiere!

Preview next week's Channel a Day in May premieres!

Country Sing-along

countrysingalongGather your friends and light the campfire (or just the grill), because we’re having a sing-along! If you think it’s already hard to resist the urge to join in with your favorite country songs, this won’t help. We’ve selected some of the best songs to sing along with! Featuring artists like Dolly Parton, Dierks Bentley, and Garth Brooks, this channel will officially debut tomorrow, May 8th. But whether you’re sitting by the campfire, in your backyard, or at your desk, you can get a preview of Country Sing-Along right now!

Artificially Intelligent: IDM

Artificially Intelligent: IDMThe sound of early ’90s experimental electronic music. Drawing from and expanding on the Warp sound, this channel features music from genre-giants Aphex Twin, the Black Dog and Autechre. This is music for your headphones and hi-fi, as well as the dance floor. While this channel won’t debut until  Saturday, May 9th, you can get an early start listening to our latest right now with Artificially Intelligent: IDM!

Love & Inspiration

Songs of Love & InspirationMusic can be a safe place, a place to find encouragement and inspiration, and our latest channel is offering both in the form of some of the biggest voices in R&B and Gospel. Lift your spirits and channel the positive sounds found inside. This channel won’t officially launch until Sunday, May 10th, but If you need a pick-me-up right now, take a listen to Love & Inspiration!

Solo Classical Piano 

Solo Classical Piano MusicShowcasing works written for solo piano, our latest channel focuses on pieces that are well-known and highly-rated by AccuRadio listeners while highlighting the pleasant versatility of the piano. This calming, meditative classical channel will premiere on Monday, May 11th, but you can get an advanced taste of Solo Classical Piano right now!

Magic Sunny Flashback

Magic Sunny Lite FlashbackTake a walk down memory lane for some of the best sounds of the 60s and 70s, with a few surprises mixed in. This channel will take you back to a time when you knew all of the words to the music on the radio. Feel the rush of nostalgia when this station takes center stage on Tuesday, May 12th, or preview Magic Sunny Flashback now, to be taken back to a simpler time.

Legendary Voices of Classic Rock

Legendary Voices of Classic RockCelebrate some of the best vocalist and vocal performances in classic rock. A unique and engaging singer can make or break many a band, and we’ve rounded up some of the most distinctive, recognizable voices around. Officially available next Wednesday, May 13th, you can have an advance listening party for Legendary Voices of Classic Rock right now!

HitKast Top ’10s Hits

HitKast Top '10s HitsFeaturing the greatest hits of the decade so far, with an emphasis on blockbuster chart-toppers, this station has all of your favorite songs to get you through the day. While this channel will be launching a week from today on Thursday May 14th, you can sample HitKast Top ‘10s Hits right now!

Stay tuned as we launch these and more channels all month long. You can keep track of all the new music in the Channel a Day in May section, or follow us on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram for updates. (Plus, don’t forget to come back to the AccuRadio blog next week for another week’s worth of sneak peeks!)

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