It’s Back! Channel A Day In May Returns!

Channel a Day in May is BACK! Last May, AccuRadio undertook the challenge of bringing you a brand spanking new channel every day during the month of May! It took a lot out of us, but our listeners told us they wanted more! So this year we are back at it again with 31 brand new channels to keep you motivated and entertained!

Channel a Day in May 2016The music on AccuRadio spans genres from Jazz to Country, from Rock to Pop, from Show Tunes to Oldies, and our “Channel a Day in May” selection promises to be no different. Our team is passionate about music, and we want to find the right music to help you soundtrack your workday, your workout, or anything else!

Starting Sunday, we’ll be premiering a new channel each and every day, but even as we make final touch-ups and tweak our playlists, we want our loyal fans to get a sneak peak of what we will be premiering. Now we can tell you! Find out which channels will be launching next week and have an early listen below!

Adult Rock: Singer Songwriter

Adult Rock: Singer SongwriterWhen you want music with a softer more personal touch, our latest channel is just what you need. Featuring artists like Adele, Sia, and Neil Diamond, this channel will keep you company all day long, and may even try to hold your hand! This channel officially launches on Sunday, May 1st, but you can listen to Adult Rock: Singer Songwriter right now!

Maximum Coverage

Maximum CoverageSometimes it takes a new artist to bring something special out of your favorite songs. Our latest channel takes these moments of inspiration and rounds them up for a comprehensive collection of cover songs! This past March, we pitted 64 cover songs against each other in our Music Madness tournament, but there’s more than 64 fantastic covers. This Monday, May 2nd you’ll find them all in one place, but our loyal listeners want to know if their favorite cover made it. Luckily they can preview Maximum Coverage right now!

Composer: Tchaikovsky

Maximum CoverageEvery so often, we like to take a deep dive into the work of a particular composer. Our latest Classical music offering is a spot light on the works of Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky. Featuring renditions of his works as performed by some of the worlds greatest ensembles, this channel will help you become intimately familiar with this composers legendary works. This channel will premiere on Tuesday, May 3rd, but you can preview the dress rehearsals for Composer: Tchaikovsky right now.

Psychedelic Classic Rock

Psychedelic Classic RockWhat is that strange feeling? Take a trip back to the Summer of Love with another one of our new channels highlighting the very best Psychedelic Music of the ’60s & ’70s. Join us on a Magic Carpet ride through some of the most out-there music out there. Officially, this channel launches Wednesday, May 4, but you can tune in and turn on for a sneak peak of Psychedelic Classic Rock today.

Magic Sunny Refresh & Relax

Magic Sunny Refresh & RelaxWhen you want to keep it lite and easy, you turn to the classics with a touch of today’s favorites, and that’s just what we’ve done on our latest workplace moods channel. We’ve crafted the perfect soundtrack to refresh and relax after (or during) a long hard day. The real relaxation starts Thursday May 5th, but you can get a relaxing taste of Magic Sunny Refresh & Relax right now!

1991 in Rock: 25 Years Later

1991 in Rock: 25 Years Later1991 was a monumental year in the history of rock music. Nirvana’s Nevermind ushered in the alternative era of rock leading to the rise of the Seattle sound, flannel shirts, and eventually nu-metal. Take a look back at the dawn of modern rock with our latest channel, debuting next Friday, May 6th, or step into the Superunknown right now with a sneak preview of 1991 in Rock: 25 Years Later!

Don’t forget, we’re debuting a brand new channel EVERY DAY this month. Check back right here weekly to get a preview of our upcoming new batch of channels.  And remember, for all the latest updates follow us on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram or register on our site to receive our listener newsletter!

We hope you enjoy “Channel a Day in May” as much as we enjoyed creating it!


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    Channel A Day in May

    I love he idea of more channel a day in may channels. Will add them to my mix from last May as they come in. Love the maximum Coverage channel.

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