This Week in Channel a Day in May: From Disney to Dancing

With Channel a Day in May, everyone at AccuRadio knows that it’s our time to shine. We love letting our listeners hear all of the new stuff we put together throughout the year, but the month of May is when we get to share with you a concentrated dose of new music channels which should keep you moving, motivated, and entertained through the summer and beyond.

Channel a Day in May - Week 3

As usual, the channels featured below will be rolled out, one a day, over the next week, but just by reading on, you have the chance to preview each one as we put the finishing touches on them before launch. Will you find a new favorite today? The only way to know for sure is to keep reading…

Disney Scores

481 - disney_scoresRelive magical moments from your favorite Disney movies with our latest channel. We’ve previously featured music from Disney’s Film Soundtracks, but this new channel features the majestic scores for the movies you know so well. While most people will have to line-up outside and wait for the Saturday, May 21th debut, you can get an early preview of Disney Scores right now!

Classic Bluegrass

3017-classic_bluegrassBefore the Bluegrass music of today, the seeds of the genre were sewn in the early 20th century by these pioneers of the form. We’ve highlighted bluegrass music before, but our latest channel celebrates the earliest days, and the most monumental tracks from the genre’s birth. We’ll be launching this one on Sunday, May 22nd, but you can transport yourself back to the days of Classic Bluegrass today!

Moods for Moderns Classical

507-moods_for_moderns_classicalDo you ever want classical music that not so…classic? Our latest channel is where we are highlight the best and brightest works of modern composers. If you want the sound of contemporary solo, ensemble, and orchestral works, you’ve found the right place. This channel will open for performances on Monday, May 23rd, but you can get a preview of Moods for Moderns Classical right now as we tune-up!

Sweet Harmony

22-sweet_harmonyGet in tune with this channel featuring some of the greatest harmony vocals of all time. With artists like Fleet Foxes, Boston, Frankie Valli, and more, we’ve assembled a fantastic collection that sounds amazing. You can sing along, but you better hit the right notes on Tuesday, May 24th, but you can start practicing now with a free preview of Sweet Harmony!

Canadian Classic Rock

484_canadian_classic_rockThe land of north is known for many things, including some legendary rock and roll. We’ve gathered some of the most epic jams ever to come out of the Great White North for our latest offering. This channel will open it’s borders on Wednesday, May 25th, but we have your passport to preview Canadian Classic Rock right now.

Pick Up the Kids

4800_pick_up_the_kidsYou don’t have to turn off AccuRadio just because you’re leaving the office! If you need to run and grab the kids after school, we can provide the entertainment! This is a hand-picked selection of some of the best kid’s music around, back-seat tested! This channel will appear in our homeroom on Thursday, May 26th, but our loyal blog readers have earned a gold star and a free preview of Pick Up the Kids!

The Dancing Stars

Put on your dancing shoes for a celebration of the music of Dancing with the Stars! A sister channel to our successful American HitKast Idols channel, we’ve put together a great collection of the music you’ve heard over the last 11 years. We’re officially letting the music play on Friday, May 27th, but all good dancers need practice. Hear our dress rehearsal for The Dancing Stars today.

It’s been a long and winding road as we work to prepare and polish all of these new channels for you, but it’s a job we take great pride in because we love our listeners and we want to keep you entertained. Thanks for listening, and for being a loyal supporter of AccuRadio. Remember, May is not over, and there is much more to come! Stay tuned to this space for previews, and follow us on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram or register on our site to receive our listener newsletter for all the latest updates!

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