Is This AccuRadio’s Most Dedicated Listener?

Meet Frank Pozen of Toronto, Canada, an AccuRadio fan who has a very legitimate claim to the title of “most dedicated listener”. Since November of 2010, he’s been posting an AccuRadio Song of the Day on his blog every single day day!
Frank PozenHe’s been running Frank Pozen’s Big Bad Blog since 2005, and generally posts about twice a day, averaging over 570 posts a year! The blog covers a wide variety of topics, from jazz to WWE to women’s Mixed Martial Arts, but it was the AccuRadio Song of the Day that grabbed our attention. We wanted to find out more about the dedicated writer behind it, so we reached out to Frank to discuss his blog, the origins of the song of the day feature, and the process he uses to find the right song.

Frank Pozen loves the movies, the Blue Jays, UFC, and WWE. He started writing about MMA and Pro Wrestling in 2005, and figured that talking about a new song everyday would be a great way to add fresh content. After checking out some of the early streaming services, Frank discovered AccuRadio in 2010, and the rest has been history.

Frank tells us that he’s jazz guy. A Sonny Rollins / John Coltrane track he recently wrote up was exciting for him to highlight because it was the only recording to feature both of the saxophone greats on the same track. When asked which one artist he’d like to meet/have met in person, he tells us “I would like to spend a day chillin’ with Louis Armstrong.”

The AccuRadio Song of the Day

Frank doesn’t limit his Song of the Day to jazz, though. “I’ve never listened to individual channels. Always a mix,” he tells us. To expose himself to the widest range of music possible, Frank has used AccuRadio’s blend feature to mix together a large number of channels. “I like the random nature of AccuRadio on my mix. It’s not trying to read my mind to see what kind of music I like, and random works well for [choosing] my song of the day. I don’t know what it will be until it plays.”

When asked how he chooses a song to feature, Frank described a day-to-day process with a surprising amount of care and consideration. Sometimes he knows it when he hears it, but not always: “It depends. It’s different every day. First, I check for a video clip then later I look at what I have. Sometimes there is an obvious hit single, sometimes there isn’t. I also check for CD availability, and use reference sites like Allmusic and Discogs a lot.”

He tells us that he recently wrote up Joshua Bell, which was only the second Classical crossover artist he’s ever written about. Generally, those channels are not included in his mix, but it was a Beatles cover, so he figured he’d give Joshua Bell a day on the blog.

Frank stays consistent in posting new content daily because it helps keep his mind active. “I have a music encyclopedia in my head,” he tells us, “Most of the references I use to confirm what I already know and to find the appropriate CD.” As such, he doesn’t usually discover too much new music during this process, but there are exceptions.

Most vintage music I am already aware of. I usually know about new artists before you guys play them. One kind of music that is a bit of a revelation is the French “yé-yé” singers of the 60s. I had no idea how good some of those records are.

Make sure to visit Frank Pozen’s Big Bad Blog to keep up with the AccuRadio Song of the Day and much more, and follow Frank on Twitter. Plus don’t forget to join AccuRadio on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, and register on our site to save your favorite playlists and receive our listener newsletter for all the latest updates!

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  1. Andrea says:

    Like frank, I’m a dedicated listener. I’m not a blooger, though, I listen daily, from the time I arrive home, to bedtime.

  2. Andrea says:

    Not a blogger, but a dedicated, daily, listener of all kinds of music from AccuRadio. Like Frank, I make blends, whenever new channels crop up; or, add new channels to existing blend channels. Andrea

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