Celebrate Pi Day with Our Top 3:14 Songs

March 14 is Pi Day, a celebration of the mathematical constant of π. To commemorate the holiday, recognized by the US House of Representatives in 2006, we dove into the AccuRadio music library to choose a list of our 14 favorite songs which are 3:14 in length. Then we ranked them by ratings from our listeners. Here’s our suggestions for your perfect Pi Day soundtrack!


Pi is calculated by measuring the distance around any perfect circle (it’s circumference) and then dividing by the distance across the same circle (it’s diameter.) This will always give you a result of 3.14, also known as π. One of the most intriguing aspects of this irrational number is that it has been calculated out to over a trillion digits past the decimal point, and it continues infinitely without patterns or repeats.

As Pi Day is, at its’ core, a celebration of circles, and since there are also delicious circular treats known as “pies,” many people celebrate March 14 by creating fruit filled pastries or pizzas. There’s even Pi Day carols you can sing.

What will your Pi Day celebration include? What are your favorite songs that are 3:14 in length? Let us know in the comments.

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