Which Channel a Day in May Premiere is Right For You?

Happy Friday! We’re nearly halfway through Channel a Day in May, but we have no intention of slowing down. As you know, AccuRadio is launching a brand-new channel every day during the month of May! We’ve already featured a fantastic variety of channels in many different genres and styles, and the next week’s batch is no different. Find a new favorite, and even get a sneak peak of next week’s new channels before they launch!

Channel a Day in May

Electronic Lunch

Electronic Lunch - Channel a Day in MayToday’s new channel will get you moving on your lunch break, and keep you going all weekend long. Featuring the freshest remixes of the hottest hits, it’s like a high-energy top 40 dance party. Now you can have your lunch and dance to it, too. Electronic Lunch officially debuted today, so turn it up!

Magic Sunny Weekend

Magic Sunny Weekend - Channel a Day in MayWhen the weekend arrives, you want your favorite adult rock hits to keep you company. Get your mind off of your work with familiar hits and new favorites. The clouds are parting, and that means that even though this channel will arrive Saturday, May 14th, you can even start yourMagic Sunny Weekend soundtrack today!

CCM Rock

CCM Rock - Channel a Day in MayRaise your voice and rock out all at once with this collection of the best Christian Rock music of today, as well as some of the all time classics. With bands like DC Talk, Red, and more, you’ll find Godly music that still rocks hard! This channel will officially grace our service on Sunday, May 15th, but you can hear the spirit of CCM Rock right now!

American HitKast Idols

American Hitkast Idols - Channel a Day in MayAfter 14 years on the air, American Idol finally said goodbye last month. We wanted to pay tribute to the many contestants, judges, and songs that touched are hearts, so we assembled this collection of music from American Idol winners, contestants, and even the judges. Making it’s premiere on Monday, May 16th will be exciting, but you have the golden ticket for an early audition of American HitKast Idols here.

Alternative Motivation

Alternative MOtivation - Channel a Day in MayAre you dragging? This channel was created to put a pep in your step. When you need to get motivated and only modern guitar-based anthems will do the job, this channel has got you covered. From Fall Out Boy to Imagine Dragons, this playlist will keep you on the top of your game. The motivation will be officially available when it launches on Tuesday, May 17th, but you can power thorough until then with a sneak preview of Alternative Motivation!

Period: Early Music

1883_early_musicThe amino acids in the evolution of the western music tradition. From Medieval plainchant through the rise of polyphony in the Renaissance. Take a trip back and see where it all began on Wednesday, May 18th, but our loyal blog readers can lay back and listen to Period: Early Music any time!


Classic Rock Covers

Classic Rock Covers - Channel a Day in MayThe latest in our ever-growing collection of cover song channels focuses on the best covers of the classic rock era. From Santana to Hendrix, artists were taking inspiration from each other and using it to take their own music to great new heights. Celebrate the songs you remember when this channel debuts on Thursday, May 19th, or take a trip back in time with this preview of Classic Rock Covers!

R&B Morning Motivation

R&B and Gospel Morning MotivationSometimes it’s tough to get moving on a Friday morning. That’s where this channel comes in. Featuring Smooth jams and uplifting voices to inspire you and help your persevere, this channel may just become as necessary as your morning coffee. We’re launching this on Friday, May 19th to help you get through the weekend, but if you need some motivation before then, try a sneak preview of R&B Morning Motivation.

We’ve been really enjoying assembling these channels for you, and the month is not yet over. There’s a ton more to come. Stay tuned to this space for previews, and follow us on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram or register on our site to receive our listener newsletter for all the latest updates!


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