Meet Brooke, the AccuRadio Listener Who Created Our Latest Channel

Recently, as part of AccuRadio’s Mobile Summer, we gave a few AccuRadio listeners the opportunity to handcraft a channel of their own. This week, we’ve rolled out a new collection featuring the channels programmed by our winners!

rockabillyToday, we’re spotlighting Brooke’s Classic Rockabilly Party, a selection of some of the best old-school rave-ups as chosen by our listener Brooke Randell (@BrookeRandell.)

Brooke is a wanderer at heart. Born and raised in Alaska, she has also lived in North Dakota, Utah, and Tennessee. In the last year she has traveled to Istanbul, Normandy, and Barcelona. Recently, she held an internship near Bordeaux, France where she learned how to eat slimy animals that live in shells (like escargot) in addition to mastering her French. Right now Brooke lives near Nashville, which she describes as “amazing” because its culture and history truly make it “Music City.”

brooke2“I’m an old soul, a geek…and a pop culture junkie,” Brooke told us. “I love to explore the world. I’m looking for my next adventure, and I really don’t know where I’ll end up next!” Until she decides, she’s on the hunt for Nashville’s best hot chicken!

Music completely influences Brooke’s mood and punctuates everything she does. In a constant effort to soundtrack her life, she creates fussily specific playlists based on certain moods or situations. She loves how a song can instantly take her back to a vivid memory or feeling. On AccuRadio, Brooke listens to a lot of 60’s and 70’s music. She tells us that she is almost always in the mood for Rock The Yacht, 1970s Country, and Melodies & Memories. She enjoys finding new artists and songs and could be in the mood to hear anything from Broadway to punk to country or bluegrass.

We’re excited to share Brooke’s channel, as this is AccuRadio’s first foray into the world of Rockabilly. Tune in to Brooke’s Classic Rockabilly Party, and look for our Mobile Summer Winner channels section in the app and on our homepage. Later this week, we’ll spotlight our other winners right here, and don’t forget to follow AccuRadio on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram for all the latest news and updates.

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  1. Andrea says:

    I Love Rockabilly. Especially, old Elvis Presley Tunes.

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