A New Hand-Crafted Music Channel – Every Day in May

Starting tomorrow, AccuRadio will be featuring a Channel a Day in May!  During the month of May, we will be launching a brand new channel each day, every day, all month long!


Each day’s new channel will highlight a carefully hand-crafted selection of new music built by our team of passionate music lovers. Whether you’re looking for Country, Pop, Classical, Gospel or Classic Rock, we’ll have something new for you this month!

Our music experts are busy crafting these channels now in order to get them out each day this month, but we wanted to give our loyal listeners a preview of what we have in store over the next week. Find out what new channels we will be launching, and even get a sneak preview listening party right now!

Rolling Stone’s 500 Greatest Songs of All Time

Preview Rolling Stone's 500 Greatest Songs of All TImeIn 2004, Rolling Stone Magazine compiled a list of the 500 Greatest Songs of All Time (The list was revisited and revised in 2010.) Now we’ve crafted a station highlighting these classic songs. Think of this station as your one-stop-shop for a playlist of the greatest music ever! Are your favorites included? Find out tomorrow when we launch the first of our 31 new channels, Rollings Stone’s 500 Greatest Songs of All Time

Running: 9-Minute Mile & Hip-Hop Running: 9-Minute Mile

Preview Running: 9 minute MileNow that the weather is starting to take a turn for the better, it’s the perfect time to get back outside and get back into the workout zone. We want to help! This weekend, we will be launching two new channels to motivate you, soundtrack your run, and maybe even improve your pace, so that you’ll be ready to run the Preview Hip-Hop Running: 9 Minute Mile9-minute mile. Built with runners in mind, these stations stick to upbeat music in the general range of 160-165 bpm. On Saturday, May 2nd, we will be launching Running: 9-Minute Mile (featuring Rock and Indie music) and on Sunday, May 3rd, we’re following up with Hip-Hop Running: 9-Minute Mile. Preview both stations now!

Chicago Blues Festival

Preview Chicago Blues Festival!The annual Chicago Blues Festival is the largest free Blues festival in the world! This June, Chicago’s largest city-sponsored festival will feature Centennial tributes to Muddy Waters and Willie Dixon alongside headliners including Buddy Guy, Zora Young and the Taj Mahal Trio. Tune in to enjoy music from the the artists playing at this year’s fest. This channel will officially launch Monday, May 4th, but you can preview our Chicago Blues Festival channel now!

Preview Smooth Jazz PioneersSmooth Jazz Pioneers

Take a step back in time to appreciate the performers who paved the way for today’s Smooth Jazz radio. Focusing on pre-1987 contemporary jazz, this channel will help you relax and unwind with the artists who helped start it all. This channel will debut on Tuesday May 5th, but you can preview Smooth Jazz Pioneers right now!

The Legacy of Riot Grrrl

Preview The Legacy of Riot GrrrlMore than just a musical movement, Riot Grrrl emerged in the early 90s at the intersection of hardcore feminism, underground punk rock, political activism and zine culture. As a movement, Riot Grrrl peaked early, but it’s influence is still being felt today. Our new station features the movement’s originators as well as the artists they’ve influenced. Officially debuting Wednesday, May 6th, get a sneak peek of The Legacy of Riot Grrrl right now!

Gypsy Jazz

Preview Gypsy JazzOne of the most unique forms of jazz to emerge in the 20th century was the guitar- and violin-driven swing of Gypsy Jazz, sometimes known as Jazz Manouche. Pioneered by the legendary Django Reinhardt, this style has carved out a large following. If you’ve always wanted to dive deeper than Django, this is the station for you. While this station won’t be available to the general public until Thursday, May 7th, our loyal listeners can preview Gypsy Jazz right now!

Don’t forget to check back right here each week to get a preview of the upcoming week’s new batch of channels.  And for all the latest updates follow us on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram or register to recieve our listener newsletter!

We hope you enjoy “Channel a Day in May” as much as we enjoyed creating it!


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