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Artist: Michael Bublé

The following channels include songs by Michael Bublé

Michael Jackson & Friends

Our celebration of the legacy of the King of Pop

Disney Scores

The masterful background music, usually orchestral, from Disney classics

Holiday Music: Wide Playlist

The widest playlist of holiday songs you'll find anywhere -- over 17,000 songs!


Featuring sophisticated, Manhattan-based song stylists

House Blend: CCM '80s + CCM '90s + 2000s Christian

Three decades of Christian Contemporary hits all stirred together.

Tony Award Best Musicals '90s-'00s

Award-winning shows from the past 25 years

Male Cabaret

Cabaret music by male vocalists

2000s Broadway

Musical theater enters a new century

Modern Cabaret

Contemporary Cabaret performances

Christian Classics

The best in Christian music from the '70s to the early 2000s

The Whole Enchilada

Everything Country plays here, all mixed together

Film Scores

Original instrumental compositions from history's greatest films

Modern Mainstream Jazz

The best in mainstream Jazz from the last three decades

Open Channel D

Spy and secret agent TV show music, currently featuring “The Man from U.N.C.L.E."

Wide Playlist Broadway

Thousands of tracks for the die-hard theater fan!

Non-Standard Christmas

Holiday music beyond the tried-and-true dozen songs everyone knows

Secret Agent Radio

The music of Bond, Solo & Kuryakin, Drake, the IMF, and other great secret agents

Modern Pop Standards

Contemporary swingin' vocalists

House Blend: Broadway + Cabaret

A blend of our "Broadway's Best" and "Cabaretdio" channels

Broadway's Best

The all-time top songs from 50 years of Broadway musicals

CCM '90s

The decade's top Christian music from Michael W. Smith, 4Him, Rebecca St. James, and Steven Curti...

The MAC Channel

Featuring members of the Manhattan Association of Cabarets & Clubs (

The Carols Catalogue

Long-loved recordings and newer renditions of traditional Christmas carols (no "pop" compositions...


Our acclaimed collection of history's finest Classical music

House Blend: Vocal Jazz + Smooth Jazz Vocals

A sweet collage of vocal inventors with textures from the modern breed.

New Age

Relaxing songs for a frenzied world

House Blend: Classical Concentration + Textures Breeze

Get that sense of focus with a hint of ambient revolve.

Straight Ahead Jazz

The 'lingua franca' of the jam session: 4/4 time and walking bass

Broadway Revivals

Shows so excellent they got a second (or even third) life!

Smooth Jazz

Smooth grooves and melodies perfect for relaxing or working

1980s R&B

Prince, Janet, & Michael: R&B in the MTV age

2010s Broadway

Broadway's biggest since 2010, with "Newsies," "The Book of Mormon," and other hits

Instrument: Saxophone Jazz

Jazz comes alive on the expressive sax

New School Jazz

Jazz after bop!

Christmas Standards

Tons of versions of classic holiday pop standards

Lite Hits Classics

Adult pop hits from the '80s through the '00s

Period: 20th Century

Works from 1900 or later, with Bartok, Copland, and Shostakovich

Video Game Soundtracks

Orchestral, cinematographic soundtrack music from epic adventure and action video games

1990s Broadway

The decade Disney came to Broadway... and much more!

Smooth Jazz Vocals

Smooth Jazz + smooth voices

CCM '80s

Top '80s Christian artists like Sandi Patti, the Imperials, Twila Paris, Dallas Holm, and Amy Gra...

Instrumental Soloists

Virtuoso instrumentalists like Yo-Yo Ma, Lang Lang, and Hillary Hahn

Romantic Guitar

Guitar and other acoustic instruments, some relaxing, some energetic

1980s Hits

Top chart hits of the eighties

Cowboy Singers & Poets

Cowboys and cowgirls, gather 'round! We're playing your songs.

'90s Film Scores

Orchestral themes and background music from great '90s movies

Moods for Moderns Classical

Contemporary classical music composers

Female Cabaret

Female cabaret and jazz vocalists


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