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Artist: George Benson

The following channels include songs by George Benson

House Blend: Vocal Jazz + Smooth Jazz Vocals

A sweet collage of vocal inventors with textures from the modern breed.

1960s Jazz

Post-bop, free jazz, and early fusion

Smooth Jazz Dinner Party

A festive blend of cocktail jazz instrumentals, vocals, and seldom-played vintage tracks

Groove Jazz

Funky and groovy!

Instrument: Jazz Guitar

Acoustic and electric Jazz guitar greats

House Blend: Blue Note Records + 1960s Jazz

A blend of late '50s and '60s hard bop, modal, and avant garde Jazz

Vocal Jazz

Legendary Jazz singers and their signature songs

Jazz Fusion

Groove jazz, jazz-rock, world fusion, and modern innovations

Smooth Jazz

Smooth grooves and melodies perfect for relaxing or working

Jazz Fusion Guitar

Jazzers can shred too! Hear blazing licks by Al Di Meola, John McLaughlin, and many more.

Straight Ahead Jazz

The 'lingua franca' of the jam session: 4/4 time and walking bass

House Blend: Smooth Jazz Guitar + Fingerstyle Guitar

Smooth and relaxing guitar -- mostly instrumental

Smooth Jazz Pioneers

Before there was Smooth Jazz, they were the heart of pre-1987 contemporary jazz

Smooth Jazz Vocals

Smooth Jazz + smooth voices

Big Band Jazz

The large ensemble sound

Smooth Jazz Instrumentals

Smooth Jazz without the vocals

Composers: Pop music

A Jazz spin on rock and pop songs

Instrument: Smooth Jazz Guitar

For guitar fans who like it smooth

Instrument: Organ Jazz

Organ Jazz masters old and new

Mellow Smooth Jazz

The perfect background Smooth Jazz

Smooth Jazz Sunday Brunch

Now, enjoy the mellow mood of Sunday morning -- anytime!

Smooth Jazz: In the Beginning

1987-1992 era Smooth Jazz, with new age and vocals

Smooth Covers

Smooth Jazz renditions of well-known pop melodies

Fifty/Fifty Smooth Jazz Holiday Blend

Half Smooth Jazz, half smooth holiday tracks, all good!

House Blend: Smooth Jazz Sunday Brunch + Brazilian Sunday Brunch

An omelette of music that will take you to a happy place.

1990s Jazz

Exciting new voices and elder statesmen in their later years

Modern Mainstream Jazz

The best in mainstream Jazz from the last three decades

Composers: The Beatles

Jazz artists' take on John, Paul, George and Ringo

R&B Throwback: 1981

Vintage early '80s jams from Rick James, Luther Vandross and Earth, Wind & Fire

This Is Jazz: 1969

Some deep tracks from a year of great releases, plus some 1968 releases that were still on the ch...

Smooth Jazz Energy

Upbeat Smooth Jazz that'll keep you hummin'

Smooth Pumpkin Spice Latte

Delectable Smooth Jazz textures for a relaxing break

Broadway Jazz

Porter, Gershwin, Sondheim, and more, performed by Jazz legends

1980s Jazz

Fusion and neo-bop, with Pat Metheny, Wynton Marsalis, and more

25 Greatest Jazz Standards

Lots of versions of 25 tunes in every musician's repertoire

Pure Jazz

The rich art of Jazz: classic and modern, vocal and instrumental

Blue Note Records

The recorded legacy of Jazz music’s greatest record company.

1970s Jazz

When fusion was king, and the birth of the modern giants

R&B Time to Chill

R&B for relaxing and unwinding

New School Jazz

Jazz after bop!


The masters of swing rhythm and adventurous improvisation

Nothin' But the Blues

Jazz interpretations of the classic twelve bar blues

Jazz Burners

Burnin' fast jazz to motivate you. Nothing under 200 BPM!

Instrument: Saxophone Jazz

Jazz comes alive on the expressive sax

Smooth Jazz Love Songs

Smooth Jazz for romance, or any mood!

Live Jazz

On stage recordings of Jazz greats

House Blend: Grown Folks R&B + Smooth Steppin'

Beatles Plus: Just Covers

Nothing but covers of songs written by George, John and/or Paul


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