Listener Appreciation Month continues on AccuRadio! TODAY enjoy commercial-free '60s, R&B, and Metal

Artist: Eddie Vedder

The following channels include songs by Eddie Vedder

Rock @ the Movies

Rockumentaries, concert films, and rock songs that inspired movies

The 2000s @ the Movies

The best music from hit movies released since 2000

Ukulele Unleashed!

Not just Hawaiian, there's pop, rock, and even jazz uku-ers

House Blend: Quintessential Banjo + Ukulele Unleashed

Two of our favorite string-instrument channels blended together for your listening pleasure!

House Blend: Blues + Adult Alternative

A unique mix of tastes blended by Ricardo, an AccuRadio listener in Brazil.

Rock Alphabet: "V" vaunts Voltage

This vine of bands ventures through Van Halen, Vampire Weekend, The Vaughn Brothers, The Ventures...

Beatles Plus

Every official Beatles track, plus solo material and the best covers

Adult Alternative

Today's alternative rock for the post-college crowd

Classic Rock Covers

Great classic rock...remade!

Beatles Plus: Just Covers

Nothing but covers of songs written by George, John and/or Paul

House Blend: HitKast Rock + Nu Metal + '90s Classic Rock

A rockin' blend created by Chelsea, an AccuRadio listener in Calgary.

It Ain't Me, Babe: Dylan Covers

Nothing but covers of Dylan-penned songs

Double Latte

Coffeehouse singer-songwriter and smooth, comfortable Adult Rock

Alternative All-Stars

Like an Alternative Rock Hall of Fame

Rock for the People

1,000 killer tracks of pure, in-your-face rock -- classic, alternative, punk, and metal

Maximum Coverage

Artists pay tribute to the great songs of others. You many not even have realized that all of the...

AccuRadio @ the Movies

Great music from the soundtracks of your favorite films

Live Classic Rock

Classic rock concert recordings

Quintessential Banjo

Brilliance on the banjo, from across the spectrum of genres


Classic and modern, acoustic and electric

Film Scores

Original instrumental compositions from history's greatest films

Holiday Music: Wide Playlist

The widest playlist of holiday songs you'll find anywhere -- over 17,000 songs!

Tangled Up in Bob

A channel for Dylan

'90s Rocker Movie Tunes

Bill & Ted, Wayne & Garth, Beavis & Butthead. Rock 'n roll.

Classic Rock Album Cuts

Great songs you may not have heard for a while (or have yet to discover)


The sound of banjos, fiddles, and life in the mountains

Alternative Now!

Pushing the boundaries of modern rock

Adult Rock

More eclectic than Classic Rock, more chill than Alternative

The '90s @ the Movies

There were some great films in the '90s, with great music!

Future Perfect Radio

Our deepest indie rock channel, featuring new music, deep cuts and forgotten favorites

Non-Standard Christmas

Holiday music beyond the tried-and-true dozen songs everyone knows

Indie Singer Songwriter

Cutting edge songwriters and performers

The Multiverse

Programmed by G Sammons. From Alternative to Zydeco and ABC to ZZ Top, it's genre-defying, decade...

Broadway @ the Movies

Songs from great Hollywood musicals

House Blend: Coachella at 20 channels

A combo of our 2019 series of channels celebrating 20 years of the Coachella Valley Music and Art...

Alternative Rock 1993

Nirvana, the Pumpkins, Pearl Jam, Counting Crows, and Björk made '93 special

The Leopard Print Lounge Chair

By radio pro Donna Reed, mellow Classic Rock and laid-back Alternative for de-stressing, relaxing...

Indie Flagship

Iconic indie artists and the latest releases

'90s Classic Rock

Great rock of the '90s and classic rockers' more recent recordings

Classic Alternative 2002

Top alt tracks of 2002: The Strokes, White Stripes, Chili Peppers, the Hives, 311, and Flaming Li...

Rock Alphabet: "S" means Stoked with volume!

Get steeped in Saga, Santana, Stray Cats, Springsteen, Spoon, and Stone Temple Pilots.

The Best Rock of the '10s

Ten years of killer rock tracks

House Blend: Classic Rock Guitar Heroes + Indie & Alt-Rock Guitar Heroes

A blend of two rock guitar channels

Acoustic Blues

It's the Blues "unplugged!"

Adult Rock: The Rockers

Adult Rock for grown-ups who still like it (a little) loud

Nu Metal/Post Grunge

Big, loud rock from Linkin Park, Staind, Avenged Sevenfold, Papa Roach

Crystal Eidson's Five-Star Radio

Enjoy these treasures from Alternative, Techno, '60s Jazz, '70s Classic Rock, and more. Crystal i...

Walking On Sunshine

A crowdsourced channel loaded with vitamin D. Songs that reference the "dawn" and "daybreak" and...


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