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Artist: Dave Grusin

The following channels include songs by Dave Grusin

Film Scores

Original instrumental compositions from history's greatest films

Mellow Smooth Jazz

The perfect background Smooth Jazz

House Blend: Smooth Jazz Sunday Brunch + Brazilian Sunday Brunch

An omelette of music that will take you to a happy place.

Instrument: Smooth Jazz Piano

Smooth Jazz keyboard masters

Smooth Jazz Pioneers

Before there was Smooth Jazz, they were the heart of pre-1987 contemporary jazz

Smooth Jazz

Smooth grooves and melodies perfect for relaxing or working

Smooth Jazz Sunday Brunch

Now, enjoy the mellow mood of Sunday morning -- anytime!


Smooth Latin Jazz and Latin Jazz come together... Relax and enjoy!

Smooth Jazz: In the Beginning

1987-1992 era Smooth Jazz, with new age and vocals

Smooth Jazz Instrumentals

Smooth Jazz without the vocals

TIME's Top 25 Movie Soundtracks

The music from Time Magazine's "25 Best Movie Soundtracks"

Smooth Jazz Dinner Party

A festive blend of cocktail jazz instrumentals, vocals, and seldom-played vintage tracks

Smooth Pumpkin Spice Latte

Delectable Smooth Jazz textures for a relaxing break

Smooth Covers

Smooth Jazz renditions of well-known pop melodies

Textures Breeze

Softer music ideal for intense focus and concentration

Instrument: Smooth Jazz Brass

From the Smooth Jazz horn-of-plenty...

Smooth Jazz Love Songs

Smooth Jazz for romance, or any mood!

All Jobim

Opening up the Antonio Carlos Jobim Songbook to the world’s best musicians

House Blend: Smooth Jazz Guitar + Fingerstyle Guitar

Smooth and relaxing guitar -- mostly instrumental

Smooth Jazz Vocals

Smooth Jazz + smooth voices

House Blend: Classical Concentration + Textures Breeze

Get that sense of focus with a hint of ambient revolve.

Instrument: Smooth Jazz Guitar

For guitar fans who like it smooth

Smooth Jazz for Concentration

Enhance your brain power and productivity with this special mix.

The Sunday Brazilian Brunch

Breezy Bossas and sun-kissed Sambas, it’s the softer side of Brazilian song

'90s Film Scores

Orchestral themes and background music from great '90s movies

AccuRadio @ the Movies

Great music from the soundtracks of your favorite films

Holiday Music: Wide Playlist

The widest playlist of holiday songs you'll find anywhere -- over 17,000 songs!

Instrument: Smooth Jazz Sax

Smooth Jazz sax tunes

The 2000s @ the Movies

The best music from hit movies released since 2000

Bossa Nova Love Affair

Blame it on the music or the ocean's breeze, but every love affair has its own unique rhythm. Fin...

Fifty/Fifty Smooth Jazz Holiday Blend

Half Smooth Jazz, half smooth holiday tracks, all good!

Rick O'Dell's Five-Star Radio

Rick is AccuRadio's Smooth Jazz curator, but these are the songs of all genres that are his perso...

Franciso Romero's Five-Star Radio

Enjoy this unique blend of classical, jazz, blues, and pop standards. Francisco listens to AccuR...

Smooth Jazz Energy

Upbeat Smooth Jazz that'll keep you hummin'

Disney Scores

The masterful background music, usually orchestral, from Disney classics

House Blend: Vocal Jazz + Smooth Jazz Vocals

A sweet collage of vocal inventors with textures from the modern breed.

Fifty/Fifty Smooth Instrumentals Holiday Blend

Smooth Jazz instrumentals alongside smooth instrumental takes on holiday classics

Café Copacabana

Contemporary Bossa Nova inspired by the world’s most exotic beaches and fueled by the Brazilian s...

Top Smooth Jazz of 2021

A journey through the past year with Kim Scott, Pieces of a Dream, Judah Sealy, and more!

Smooth Christmas

The season's best Smooth Jazz

Women of Brazilian Song

The feminine side of Brazilian music! Enjoy the best female songwriters, vocalists, and instrumen...

Javier Porras' Five-Star Radio

Over 400 tracks that span Soul, Rock, Hip Hop, Alternative, and Lite Hits from 5 decades. Javier ...

Moonlight Serenades

Easy and relaxing beautiful music and classical and film scores, all about the moon!

Smooth Christmas Instrumentals

An all-instrumental mix of Smooth Jazz holiday favorites

Listeners' Top 100: Smooth Jazz

Our 100 highest-rated Smooth Jazz tracks

Brazilian Jazz

Brazilian masters trade tunes with the world's top jazz stars for this classic and contemporary m...

The Carols Catalogue

Long-loved recordings and newer renditions of traditional Christmas carols (no "pop" compositions...


Swinging sounds from Mancini, Esquivel, and more!


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