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Artist: Billy Swan

The following channels include songs by Billy Swan

Oldies Pop

'60s Oldies minus the rock, folk, and R&B

The Most Oldies

Our entire Oldies library -- featuring your favorite hits from the late-'50s through the mid-'70s

1970s Hits

The rock, pop, disco, and "one-hit wonders" that powered AM radio of the '70s

Oldies 1968-79

"Modern" oldies... the music of younger baby boomers

Oldies One- (& Two-) Hit Wonders

'60s Oldies stars that burned bright, but not for long

Feel Good '70s & '80s

Uptempo '70s and '80s pop hits

Easy Listening Oldies

'60s and '70s hits from pop artists who didn't let rock 'n roll change their style

This Is Music: 1974

A mix of the best Top 40, classic rock, and soul tracks from the year 1974

The Most Oldies: 1974

Includes some songs radio stations played in '74 that you probably haven't heard in years!

Country Yearbook 1974

This was a big year for Dolly Parton who hit #1 with three different singles - meanwhile Bobby Ba...

Every Genre: AccuRadio 500

Our crowdsourced channel of listeners' 500 favorite songs across all of our genres.

Top 40: November 24, 1974

These are the songs that topped the U.S. chart on the day a 3.2 million year old woman named "Lu...

Summer Camp '70s

'70s hits to make you feel young, for a summer full of possibilities!

Music from "For All Mankind"

Spanning musical eras from the 1950s through the 1990s (so far), this is the soundtrack to Apple ...

'70s One-Hit Wonders

Enjoy the single star of the charts for Carl Douglas, David Essex, Billy Paul and many more!

Focus '70s Hits

Familiar hits from the '70s to help you focus and be productive


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