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{u'album': ObjectId('4e38543977d9e7425600d62f'), u'_id': ObjectId('4e38544e77d9e74256022d2b'), u'title': u'Something Worth Waiting for (Con Alma)'} Something Worth Waiting for (Con Alma) {u'album': ObjectId('4e38543977d9e7425600d62f'), u'_id': ObjectId('4e38544e77d9e74256022d30'), u'title': u"Everybody's Boppin'"} Everybody's Boppin' {u'album': ObjectId('4e38543e77d9e742560124e8'), u'_id': ObjectId('4e38544e77d9e74256022d32'), u'title': u"Everybody's Cryin' Mercy"} Everybody's Cryin' Mercy {u'album': ObjectId('4e38543977d9e7425600d62f'), u'_id': ObjectId('4e38544e77d9e74256022d4a'), u'title': u"Strollin'"} Strollin' {u'album': ObjectId('4e38543977d9e7425600d62f'), u'_id': ObjectId('4e38544e77d9e74256022d59'), u'title': u'A Tree and Me'} A Tree and Me {u'album': ObjectId('4e38543e77d9e742560124e8'), u'_id': ObjectId('4e38544e77d9e74256022d6a'), u'title': u'West Coast Blues'} West Coast Blues {u'album': ObjectId('4e38543977d9e7425600d62f'), u'_id': ObjectId('4e38544e77d9e74256022d70'), u'title': u'Follow the Footprints (Footprints)'} Follow the Footprints (Footprints) {u'album': ObjectId('4e38543977d9e7425600d62f'), u'_id': ObjectId('4e38544e77d9e74256022d81'), u'title': u'All You Need to Say (Never Say Yes)'} All You Need to Say (Never Say Yes) {u'album': ObjectId('4e38543977d9e7425600d62f'), u'_id': ObjectId('4e38544e77d9e74256022d84'), u'title': u"I Can't Say (Teaneck)"} I Can't Say (Teaneck) {u'album': ObjectId('4e38543e77d9e742560124e8'), u'_id': ObjectId('4e38544e77d9e74256022d8f'), u'title': u'Bye Bye Country Boy'} Bye Bye Country Boy {u'album': ObjectId('4e38543977d9e7425600d62f'), u'_id': ObjectId('4e38544e77d9e74256022da2'), u'title': u'Give Me a Break (Unit 7)'} Give Me a Break (Unit 7) {u'album': ObjectId('4e38543e77d9e742560124e8'), u'_id': ObjectId('4e38544e77d9e74256022daa'), u'title': u"Long As You're Living"} Long As You're Living {u'album': ObjectId('4e38543e77d9e742560124e8'), u'_id': ObjectId('4e38544e77d9e74256022ddc'), u'title': u'Love Me Like a Man'} Love Me Like a Man {u'album': ObjectId('4e38543e77d9e742560124e8'), u'_id': ObjectId('4e38545477d9e74256026e76'), u'title': u"Moanin'"} Moanin' {u'album': ObjectId('4e38543977d9e7425600d62f'), u'_id': ObjectId('4e38545477d9e74256026e77'), u'title': u'But I Was Cool'} But I Was Cool {u'album': ObjectId('4e38543977d9e7425600d62f'), u'_id': ObjectId('4e38545477d9e74256026f22'), u'title': u'Lightning (Lazy Bird)'} Lightning (Lazy Bird) {u'album': ObjectId('4e38543977d9e7425600d62f'), u'_id': ObjectId('4e38545477d9e74256026f38'), u'title': u'I Found the Turnaround (The Turnaround)'} I Found the Turnaround (The Turnaround) {u'album': ObjectId('4e38543a77d9e7425600e3ff'), u'_id': ObjectId('4e38545477d9e742560279a7'), u'title': u'All I Want'} All I Want {u'album': ObjectId('4e38543977d9e7425600d680'), u'_id': ObjectId('4e38548077d9e74256049c1f'), u'title': u'Angel Eyes'} Angel Eyes {u'album': ObjectId('4e38543977d9e7425600d680'), u'_id': ObjectId('4e38548077d9e74256049c9a'), u'title': u'How Long Has This Been Going On?'} How Long Has This Been Going On?