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The Harold Arlen Songbook
Songs by one of the 20th Century's greatest ("Over the Rainbow")
The Cole Porter Songbook
Hundreds of Cole Porter's classics by artsits from Sinatra to Cher
The Johnny Mercer Songbook
Many dozens of versions of songs written by composer, lyricist, and vocalist Johnny Mercer
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Great songs with lyrics by one of Frank Sinatra's favorite lyricists
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Great melodies by the composer of "Gypsy" and "Funny Girl"
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I'll Get By (I Long as I Have You)"} [Bad track] I'll Get By (I Long as I Have You) {u'album': ObjectId('4e38543977d9e7425600d628'), u'_id': ObjectId('4e38548077d9e74256049b96'), u'title': u'[Bad track] You Go To My Head'} [Bad track] You Go To My Head {u'album': ObjectId('4e38543977d9e7425600d628'), u'_id': ObjectId('4e38547177d9e7425603dd77'), u'title': u"[Bad track] It's Magic"} [Bad track] It's Magic {u'album': ObjectId('4e38543977d9e7425600d628'), u'_id': ObjectId('4e38548077d9e74256049ef2'), u'title': u'[Bad track] [Bad track] Mr. Wonderful'} [Bad track] [Bad track] Mr. Wonderful {u'album': ObjectId('4e38543977d9e7425600d628'), u'_id': ObjectId('4e38548077d9e74256049d56'), u'title': u"[Bad track] [Bad track] It's Been a Long Long Time"} [Bad track] [Bad track] It's Been a Long Long Time {u'album': ObjectId('4e38543977d9e7425600d628'), u'_id': ObjectId('4e38548077d9e74256049cd1'), u'title': u'[Bad track] [Bad track] Fools Rush In'} [Bad track] [Bad track] Fools Rush In {u'album': ObjectId('4e38543977d9e7425600d628'), u'_id': ObjectId('4e38548077d9e742560499c5'), u'title': u'[Bad track] [Bad track] Stormy Weather'} [Bad track] [Bad track] Stormy Weather {u'album': ObjectId('4e38543977d9e7425600d628'), u'_id': ObjectId('4e38548077d9e74256049cde'), u'title': u'[Bad track] When Your Lover Has Gone'} [Bad track] When Your Lover Has Gone {u'album': ObjectId('4e38543977d9e7425600d628'), u'_id': ObjectId('4e38548077d9e74256049b0e'), u'title': u'[Bad track] [Bad track] Lullaby of the Leaves'} [Bad track] [Bad track] Lullaby of the Leaves {u'album': ObjectId('4e38543977d9e7425600d628'), u'_id': ObjectId('4e38548077d9e74256049a8c'), u'title': u'[Bad track] [Bad track] Stardust'} [Bad track] [Bad track] Stardust {u'album': ObjectId('4e38543977d9e7425600d628'), u'_id': ObjectId('4e38548077d9e74256049b1e'), u'title': u"I'll Never Smile Again"} I'll Never Smile Again {u'album': ObjectId('4e38543977d9e7425600d628'), u'_id': ObjectId('4e38548077d9e74256049db8'), u'title': u'[Bad track] Imagination'} [Bad track] Imagination {u'album': ObjectId('4e38543977d9e7425600d628'), u'_id': ObjectId('4e38548077d9e742560499ae'), u'title': u'[Bad track] [Bad track] There Will Never be Another You'} [Bad track] [Bad track] There Will Never be Another You {u'album': ObjectId('4e38543977d9e7425600d628'), u'_id': ObjectId('4e38548077d9e74256049c63'), u'title': u"[Bad track] [Bad track] Don't Take Your Love From Me"} [Bad track] [Bad track] Don't Take Your Love From Me {u'album': ObjectId('4e38543977d9e7425600d628'), u'_id': ObjectId('4e38548077d9e74256049c97'), u'title': u'[Bad track] [Bad track] On the Sunny Side of the Street'} [Bad track] [Bad track] On the Sunny Side of the Street