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But I Lied'} Said I Loved You... But I Lied {u'album': ObjectId('4e38544177d9e74256013d92'), u'_id': ObjectId('4e38546f77d9e7425603c1ee'), u'title': u"That's Life"} That's Life {u'album': ObjectId('4e38543e77d9e7425601230b'), u'_id': ObjectId('4e38546f77d9e7425603c27e'), u'title': u'How Am I Supposed to Live Without You'} How Am I Supposed to Live Without You {u'album': ObjectId('4e38543677d9e7425600a5c9'), u'_id': ObjectId('4e38546f77d9e7425603c35c'), u'title': u'Only a Woman Like You'} Only a Woman Like You {u'album': ObjectId('4e38544177d9e74256013d92'), u'_id': ObjectId('4e38547177d9e7425603df3e'), u'title': u'You Go to My Head'} You Go to My Head {u'album': ObjectId('4e38544177d9e74256013d92'), u'_id': ObjectId('4e38547177d9e7425603df42'), u'title': u'Summer Wind'} Summer Wind {u'album': ObjectId('4e38544177d9e74256013d92'), u'_id': ObjectId('4e38547177d9e7425603df43'), u'title': u'Fly Me to the Moon (In Other Words)'} Fly Me to the Moon (In Other Words) {u'album': ObjectId('4e38544177d9e74256013d92'), u'_id': ObjectId('4e38547177d9e7425603df48'), u'title': u"That's Life"} That's Life {u'album': ObjectId('4e38544177d9e74256013d92'), u'_id': ObjectId('4e38547177d9e7425603df54'), u'title': u'The Girl from Ipanema'} The Girl from Ipanema {u'album': ObjectId('4e38544177d9e74256013d92'), u'_id': ObjectId('4e38547177d9e7425603df5b'), u'title': u'Night and Day'} Night and Day {u'album': ObjectId('4e38544177d9e74256013d92'), u'_id': ObjectId('4e38547177d9e7425603df5e'), u'title': u"I've Got You Under My Skin"} I've Got You Under My Skin {u'album': ObjectId('4e38543677d9e7425600a498'), u'_id': ObjectId('4e38545077d9e74256024e78'), u'title': u'To Love Somebody'} To Love Somebody {u'album': ObjectId('4e38543677d9e7425600a483'), u'_id': ObjectId('4e38545077d9e74256025101'), u'title': u'Love Is a Wonderful Thing'} Love Is a Wonderful Thing {u'album': ObjectId('4e38543677d9e7425600a897'), u'_id': ObjectId('4e38545277d9e7425602520b'), u'title': u"That's What Love Is All About"} That's What Love Is All About {u'album': ObjectId('4e38543677d9e7425600a483'), u'_id': ObjectId('4e38545277d9e742560252fc'), u'title': u'When a Man Loves a Woman'} When a Man Loves a Woman {u'album': ObjectId('4e38543677d9e7425600a551'), u'_id': ObjectId('4e38545677d9e74256029314'), u'title': u'Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas'} Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas {u'album': ObjectId('4e38543677d9e7425600a551'), u'_id': ObjectId('4e38545677d9e7425602946d'), u'title': u'Silent Night'} Silent Night {u'album': ObjectId('4e38543677d9e7425600a551'), u'_id': ObjectId('4e38545777d9e74256029c86'), u'title': u'The Christmas Song (Chestnuts Roasting on an Open Fire)'} The Christmas Song (Chestnuts Roasting on an Open Fire) {u'album': ObjectId('4e38543f77d9e7425601365b'), u'_id': ObjectId('4e38545a77d9e7425602b73d'), u'title': u'White Christmas'} White Christmas {u'album': ObjectId('4e38543b77d9e7425600f7b2'), u'_id': ObjectId('4e38545e77d9e7425602f6cf'), u'title': u'Une Femme Comme Toi'} Une Femme Comme Toi {u'album': ObjectId('4e38543e77d9e7425601230a'), u'_id': ObjectId('4e38546377d9e742560338d3'), u'title': u'Walk Away'} Walk Away {u'album': ObjectId('4e38543e77d9e7425601230b'), u'_id': ObjectId('4e38546377d9e742560338d6'), u'title': u'Soul Provider'} Soul Provider {u'album': ObjectId('4e38544377d9e742560176bb'), u'_id': ObjectId('4e38546977d9e742560377c9'), u'title': u'Murder My Heart'} Murder My Heart {u'album': ObjectId('4e38544177d9e74256013d92'), u'_id': ObjectId('4e38548077d9e74256049b75'), u'title': u'For Once in My Life'} For Once in My Life {u'album': ObjectId('4e38544177d9e74256013d92'), u'_id': ObjectId('4e38548077d9e74256049d5c'), u'title': u'My Funny Valentine'} My Funny Valentine {u'album': ObjectId('4e38544177d9e74256013d92'), u'_id': ObjectId('4e38548077d9e74256049e1e'), u'title': u"They Can't Take That Away from Me"} They Can't Take That Away from Me {u'album': ObjectId('4e38544177d9e74256013d92'), u'_id': ObjectId('4e38548077d9e74256049ec9'), u'title': u'The Second Time Around'} The Second Time Around {u'album': ObjectId('4e38544177d9e74256013d92'), u'_id': ObjectId('4e38548077d9e74256049ee8'), u'title': u'New York New York'} New York New York {u'album': ObjectId('4e38543e77d9e7425601230b'), u'_id': ObjectId('4e38548177d9e7425604a8ec'), u'title': u'Soul Provider'} Soul Provider {u'album': ObjectId('4e38543d77d9e7425601163c'), u'_id': ObjectId('4e38548577d9e7425604dbef'), u'title': u'[bad file]White Christmas'} [bad file]White Christmas {u'album': ObjectId('4e38543e77d9e7425601230b'), u'_id': ObjectId('540617170d114019f71416e3'), u'title': u"When I'm Back on My Feet Again"} When I'm Back on My Feet Again