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{u'album': ObjectId('4e38543f77d9e74256012fdb'), u'_id': ObjectId('4e38546a77d9e74256038365'), u'title': u'Let It Snow! Let It Snow! Let It Snow!'} Let It Snow! Let It Snow! Let It Snow! {u'album': ObjectId('4e38543f77d9e74256012fdb'), u'_id': ObjectId('4e38547477d9e742560408da'), u'title': u'Sweet Little Jesus'} Sweet Little Jesus {u'album': ObjectId('4e38543f77d9e74256012fdb'), u'_id': ObjectId('4e38547777d9e742560421d8'), u'title': u"What Are You Doing New Year's Eve?"} What Are You Doing New Year's Eve? {u'album': ObjectId('4e38543977d9e7425600d5df'), u'_id': ObjectId('4e38545477d9e74256026e91'), u'title': u'Fly Me to the Moon'} Fly Me to the Moon {u'album': ObjectId('4e38543977d9e7425600d5df'), u'_id': ObjectId('4e38545477d9e74256026ebd'), u'title': u'Dearly Beloved'} Dearly Beloved {u'album': ObjectId('4e38543977d9e7425600d5df'), u'_id': ObjectId('4e38545477d9e74256026ed2'), u'title': u'On the Street Where You Live'} On the Street Where You Live {u'album': ObjectId('4e38543977d9e7425600d664'), u'_id': ObjectId('4e38545477d9e74256027123'), u'title': u'These Golden Years'} These Golden Years {u'album': ObjectId('4e38543977d9e7425600d5df'), u'_id': ObjectId('4e38545477d9e74256027136'), u'title': u'Back in Your Own Backyard'} Back in Your Own Backyard {u'album': ObjectId('4e38543977d9e7425600d920'), u'_id': ObjectId('4e38545477d9e74256027731'), u'title': u'The Masquerade Is Over'} The Masquerade Is Over {u'album': ObjectId('4e38543b77d9e7425600f6c7'), u'_id': ObjectId('4e38545477d9e742560278d2'), u'title': u'Guess Who I Saw Today'} Guess Who I Saw Today {u'album': ObjectId('4e38543b77d9e7425600f6c7'), u'_id': ObjectId('4e38545477d9e74256027a30'), u'title': u"(You Don't Know) How Glad I Am"} (You Don't Know) How Glad I Am {u'album': ObjectId('4e38543977d9e7425600d920'), u'_id': ObjectId('4e38545577d9e74256028c33'), u'title': u'Teaneck'} Teaneck {u'album': ObjectId('4e38543977d9e7425600d920'), u'_id': ObjectId('4e38545677d9e742560291bc'), u'title': u'The Masquerade Is Over'} The Masquerade Is Over {u'album': ObjectId('4e38543977d9e7425600d920'), u'_id': ObjectId('4e38545677d9e74256029500'), u'title': u'Never Will I Marry'} Never Will I Marry {u'album': ObjectId('4e38543977d9e7425600d920'), u'_id': ObjectId('4e38545677d9e74256029791'), u'title': u'Never Say Yes'} Never Say Yes {u'album': ObjectId('4e38543f77d9e74256012fdb'), u'_id': ObjectId('4e38545677d9e74256029a5f'), u'title': u'Silver Bells'} Silver Bells {u'album': ObjectId('4e38543977d9e7425600d920'), u'_id': ObjectId('4e38545777d9e74256029c8c'), u'title': u"One Man's Dream"} One Man's Dream {u'album': ObjectId('4e38543977d9e7425600d920'), u'_id': ObjectId('4e38545777d9e7425602a51f'), u'title': u'Unit 7'} Unit 7 {u'album': ObjectId('4e38543977d9e7425600d920'), u'_id': ObjectId('4e38545777d9e7425602a841'), u'title': u"A Sleepin' Bee"} A Sleepin' Bee {u'album': ObjectId('4e38543977d9e7425600d920'), u'_id': ObjectId('4e38545777d9e7425602aaa3'), u'title': u"I Can't Get Started"} I Can't Get Started {u'album': ObjectId('4e38543977d9e7425600d920'), u'_id': ObjectId('4e38545a77d9e7425602b5c4'), u'title': u'Little Unhappy Boy'} Little Unhappy Boy {u'album': ObjectId('4e38543a77d9e7425600ede9'), u'_id': ObjectId('4e38545d77d9e7425602e994'), u'title': u'Call Me'} Call Me {u'album': ObjectId('4e38543977d9e7425600d920'), u'_id': ObjectId('4e38545e77d9e7425602fc5c'), u'title': u'Happy Talk'} Happy Talk {u'album': ObjectId('4e38543977d9e7425600d5df'), u'_id': ObjectId('4e38546277d9e74256032792'), u'title': u'Little Girl Blue'} Little Girl Blue {u'album': ObjectId('4e38543977d9e7425600d664'), u'_id': ObjectId('4e38546277d9e742560327db'), u'title': u'Taking a Chance on Love'} Taking a Chance on Love {u'album': ObjectId('4e38543977d9e7425600d5df'), u'_id': ObjectId('4e38546277d9e74256032859'), u'title': u'The More I See You'} The More I See You {u'album': ObjectId('4e38543977d9e7425600d5df'), u'_id': ObjectId('4e38546277d9e74256032873'), u'title': u'Sophisticated Lady'} Sophisticated Lady {u'album': ObjectId('4e38543977d9e7425600d664'), u'_id': ObjectId('4e38546277d9e742560328a9'), u'title': u'Old Folks'} Old Folks {u'album': ObjectId('4e38543977d9e7425600d664'), u'_id': ObjectId('4e38546277d9e7