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Waltz {u'album': ObjectId('4e38543977d9e7425600d5c1'), u'_id': ObjectId('4e38546377d9e742560328f1'), u'title': u"I've Got My Eyes on You (Monaural Version)"} I've Got My Eyes on You (Monaural Version) {u'album': ObjectId('4e38543e77d9e74256012b47'), u'_id': ObjectId('4e38546477d9e74256033d96'), u'title': u'The Tennessee Waltz'} The Tennessee Waltz {u'album': ObjectId('4e38543d77d9e742560110bc'), u'_id': ObjectId('4e38546477d9e74256033df0'), u'title': u'Old Cape Cod'} Old Cape Cod {u'album': ObjectId('4e38543e77d9e74256012b84'), u'_id': ObjectId('4e38546477d9e74256033e10'), u'title': u'Allegheny Moon'} Allegheny Moon {u'album': ObjectId('4e38543e77d9e74256012b76'), u'_id': ObjectId('4e38546477d9e74256033e2e'), u'title': u'Changing Partners'} Changing Partners {u'album': ObjectId('4e38543d77d9e74256011106'), u'_id': ObjectId('4e38546577d9e74256034e62'), u'title': u'Autumn Leaves'} Autumn Leaves {u'album': ObjectId('4e38543f77d9e74256013107'), u'_id': ObjectId('4e38546877d9e742560360c5'), u'title': u'Christmas Choir'} Christmas Choir {u'album': ObjectId('4e38543f77d9e742560131c0'), u'_id': ObjectId('4e38546877d9e74256036359'), u'title': u'Little Donkey'} Little Donkey {u'album': ObjectId('4e38543f77d9e7425601322f'), u'_id': ObjectId('4e38546877d9e7425603659b'), u'title': u'Jingle Bells'} Jingle Bells {u'album': ObjectId('4e38543f77d9e74256013245'), u'_id': ObjectId('4e38546877d9e74256036615'), u'title': u'Silent Night'} Silent Night {u'album': ObjectId('4e38543f77d9e74256013266'), u'_id': ObjectId('4e38546877d9e742560366a4'), u'title': u'The First Noel'} The First Noel {u'album': ObjectId('4e38543f77d9e742560133a5'), u'_id': ObjectId('4e38546877d9e74256036dae'), u'title': u'White Christmas'} White Christmas {u'album': ObjectId('4e38543577d9e74256009f40'), u'_id': ObjectId('4e38546877d9e74256036e1c'), u'title': u'It Came Upon a Midnight Clear'} It Came Upon a Midnight Clear {u'album': ObjectId('4e38543a77d9e7425600de22'), u'_id': ObjectId('4e38547f77d9e74256049633'), u'title': u'How Much Is the Doggie in the Window'} How Much Is the Doggie in the Window {u'album': ObjectId('4e38543e77d9e742560124cb'), u'_id': ObjectId('4e38548077d9e7425604996d'), u'title': u"I Didn't Know About You"} I Didn't Know About You {u'album': ObjectId('4e38543e77d9e742560124cb'), u'_id': ObjectId('4e38548077d9e742560499c3'), u'title': u'Taking a Chance on Love'} Taking a Chance on Love {u'album': ObjectId('4e38543e77d9e742560124cb'), u'_id': ObjectId('4e38548077d9e74256049c53'), u'title': u'Love for Sale'} Love for Sale {u'album': ObjectId('4e38543e77d9e742560124cb'), u'_id': ObjectId('4e38548077d9e74256049cef'), u'title': u'Out of Nowhere'} Out of Nowhere {u'album': ObjectId('4e38543e77d9e742560124cb'), u'_id': ObjectId('4e38548077d9e74256049cf4'), u'title': u'Mountain Greenery'} Mountain Greenery {u'album': ObjectId('4e38543e77d9e742560124cb'), u'_id': ObjectId('4e38548077d9e74256049e1a'), u'title': u'The Thrill is Gone'} The Thrill is Gone {u'album': ObjectId('4e38543e77d9e742560124cb'), u'_id': ObjectId('4e38548077d9e74256049ea1'), u'title': u'A Foggy Day'} A Foggy Day {u'album': ObjectId('4e38543e77d9e742560124cb'), u'_id': ObjectId('4e38548077d9e74256049ef7'), u'title': u'My Kind of Love'} My Kind of Love {u'album': ObjectId('4e38543e77d9e74256012ba4'), u'_id': ObjectId('4e38548277d9e7425604bfc3'), u'title': u'Left Right out of Your Heart'} Left Right out of Your Heart {u'album': ObjectId('4e38543d77d9e74256011169'), u'_id': ObjectId('4e38548277d9e7425604bfcb'), u'title': u'Hush, Hush, Sweet Charlotte'} Hush, Hush, Sweet Charlotte {u'album': ObjectId('4e38543f77d9e742560130f5'), u'_id': ObjectId('4e38548577d9e7425604d2ac'), u'title': u'Little Drummer Boy'} Little Drummer Boy {u'album': ObjectId('4e38543f77d9e74256013142'), u'_id': ObjectId('4e38548577d9e7425604d3b5'), u'title': u'I Wanna Go Skating with Willie'} I Wanna Go Skating with Willie {u'album': ObjectId('4e38543f77d9e7425601316c'), u'_id': ObjectId('4e38548577d9e7425604d446'), u'title': u'Silver Bells'} Silver Bells {u'album': ObjectId('4e38543f77d9e742560132f6'), u'_id': ObjectId('4e38548577d9e7425604dc68'), u'title': u'The Christmas Song (Chestnuts Roasting)'} The Christmas Song (Chestnuts Roasting) {u'album': ObjectId('4e38543f77d9e7425601333f'), u'_id': ObjectId('4e38548577d9e7425604ddc0'), u'title': u'Santa Claus Is Coming to Town'} Santa Claus Is Coming to Town